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My Rights

The Power of Accepting Yourself

Cohen, Michael

Are you your own worst enemy? Does fear stop you from being the person you want to be? Do you always think you can't - whethe etc...

The Secret Mother

Delderfield, Victoria

Mai Ling is chasing the Chinese dream. She’s escaping to the city, seeking a new life, running away from the old customs of arran etc...

What Lies in the Dark

Thompson, CM

One murder can make a town nervous. Two brings fear. Add three, four and even more, and watch neighbour turn on suspicious neighb etc...

Rethink it!

Cohen, Michael

Rethink it gives practical advice on tackling destructive thoughts that lead to anger, rejection, shame, jealousy, fear and worry etc...

12 Day Trips from London

Maldon, Dee

Aimed at visitors who want to see more than the capital – but don’t want to drive or vacate their hotel room. This little book pr etc...

A Coin for the Hangman

Ralph Spurrier

Booksellers never know what they might find in an estate sale. When our man finds the tools of England’s last hangman, along with etc...

The Solo Travel Guide

Dee Maldon

Do you want to travel, but your friends or family don’t? So why wait? Travelling alone is better than never travelling at all. In etc...

Once Upon a Time in the Sixties

Maddick, Peter

If you remember the Sixties, then you weren't there'. Well Peter Maddick was there and he remembers most of it - the King etc...


Lyle, Ben

Twelve-year-old James hates life at his hippy boarding school where lessons are optional and homework forbidden. All he wants is etc...

The Partridge and the Pelican

Crowther, Rachel

Two girls find a baby abandoned in a phone box, and the event casts a long shadow as their lives unfold through careers, marriage etc...

Seven Days to Tell You

Soames, Ruby

When Kate’s husband disappeared she spent three painful years searching for him before returning to her career, her life. Marc’s etc...


O'Brien, Gayle

On the run from a killer, Annie and her mother flee to a remote farmhouse in New England. When Annie finds an unsent letter from etc...

The Half-Slave

Bloom, Trevor

Ascha is the son of a Saxon warlord and a Roman slave mother, a half-slave, locked in the limbo between slave and free. This is a etc...

The China Bird

Doran, Bryony

An art student with a love for Egon Schiele sees beauty in Edward’s twisted spine, and begs him to pose for her. This tale of sec etc...


Morgan, Alex

Paula abandons her London life and travels through the night to a Scottish village where she once spent a childhood holiday. Desp etc...
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