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My Rights

How to be an Alien in England

Angela Kiss

‘In England everything is typical. If your train is late, it is typical. If there are no seats on the upper deck of a bus, it is etc...

London Perspectives Colouring Postcards

Alice Stevenson

A collection of absorbing, intricate images for creatives to colour and enhance from artist Alice Stevenson. As a native Londoner etc...

If Women Rose Rooted

Sharon Blackie

‘This is the core of our task: to respect and revere ourselves, and so bring about about a world in which women are respected and etc...


Emily Stott

‘I headed alone for Knightsbridge – a strange choice for a skint teenager – and it was there that I fell in love for the first ti etc...

The Secret Lives of Ceramics

Molly Hatch

Curated and illustrated by American artist and ceramicist Molly Hatch, this beautifully produced book explores the intimate famil etc...

Columbia Road

Linda Wilkinson

A child plucked from close, conflicted family circumstances in London’s Columbia Road for a grammar school education. A young wom etc...

Blood Money

Conor Woodman

In Blood Money, Conor leads us through the planet's underworlds, unravelling the stories and uncovering the characters behind etc...

Ways to See Great Britain

Alice Stevenson

Artist and writer Alice Stevenson gives us surprising new perspectives on our extraordinary land. There are local areas in grand etc...

Among the Summer Snow

Christopher Nicholson

Among the Summer Snow celebrates and reflects upon the summer snow patches of the Scottish Highlands. These snow patches are rema etc...

The Bridesmaid’s Daughter

Nyna Giles

The powerful story of a child held captive by her mother’s mental illness, within a darkly glamorous 1950s setting. Nyna Giles’s etc...

The Players

Corinne Sweet

Their parents worked as miners and lace workers, but by the mid-twentieth century new opportunities beckoned for the children of etc...

The English Heritage Guide to London's Blue Plaques

English Heritage

Over 900 of London’s most interesting inhabitants and their former homes brought to life. Blue plaques, bearing names both famili etc...

My War Gone By, I Miss It So

Anthony Loyd

‘Not since Michael Herr wrote Dispatches has any journalist written so persuasively about violence and its seductions.’ Peter Bea etc...

Gold Rush

Jim Richards

When Jim Richards left home to make his fortune in a gold rush, he had no language skills, no money and no idea. But when he foun etc...

The Perfect Stranger

P. J. Kavanagh

‘Funny, unique and powerful. A wise, sad, wonderfully written memoir.’ David Nicholls First published in 1966, this extraordinary etc...
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