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Bent Hope

Tim Huff

It has been called one of the greatest tragedies of our time. In an age of prosperity and plenty, hundreds of thousands of people etc...

Getting Jesus Right

Dr Craig Evans, Dr James Beverley

IS IT POSSIBLE THAT MUSLIMS ARE WRONG ABOUT JESUS AND VARIOUS TENETS OF ISLAM? Is the famous Muslim writer Reza Aslan mistaken in etc...

The Grace Factor

Deborah Williams

This is a book about beauty for women who are aging. In a world that embraces and values youth. This book can help you appreciate etc...


Dr David Sherbino

This book is filled with daily exercises and spiritual disciplines to help you draw close to God. It covers a period of seven wee etc...

But If Not

Pue, Brenda

Brenda Pue was a remarkable woman and it is not surprising that this account of her last days is equally remarkable. You often he etc...

Bent Hope

Huff, Tim J

The winner of 3 book awards as best book in it's category, Bent Hope was born out of Tim Huff’s first twenty years of unique etc...

Dancing With Dynamite

Huff, Tim J

The winner of the 2011 Grace Irwin Award for Best Christian Book of the Year. In the follow-up to his best-seller Bent Hope: A St etc...

The Beautiful Disappointment

McCartney, Colin

The many challenges life throws at us do not shape us. How we respond to these challenges do. In "The Beautiful Disappointme etc...

Red Letter Revolution

McCartney, Colin

The Red Letter Revolution is about a global movement of Christians who are taking the actions of Jesus and his exact words—the “r etc...

You Never Know What You Have Till You Give It Away

Stiller, Brian C

Brian Stiller, Past President, Tyndale University College & Seminary, has spent a life-time leading and teaching others to le etc...

Keep On Standing

Polachic, Darlene

The 1989 student massacre in Lubumbashi, Zaire under the brutal rule of dictator President Mobutu Sese Seko was almost the end fo etc...

Father to the Fatherless

Boge, Paul H

Six-year-old Charles Mulli wakes up in his Kenyan hut to discover his parents have abandoned him. Forced to beg from hut to hut i etc...

Stop Preaching and Start Communicating

Gentilucci, Tony

Stop Preaching and Start Communicating examines the medium of television as a powerful method of communication to consider what w etc...

Pray Simply-Simply Pray

Miller, Marie A

“Prayer should represent who we are. It should model the beauty and uniqueness of our lives.” Many of us have never been taught h etc...

The Leadership Edge

Stewart Rhude, Eileen

Eileen Stewart-Rhude’s new book, The Leadership Edge: Seven Keys to Dynamic Christian Leadership for Women, is written to encoura etc...
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