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The Art of Making Love

Horner, Christine

It is through the mind, the body, and then the letting go of the mind and the body that we reconnect with Spirit, the three mergi etc...

The Gift

Horner, Christine

It is in your darkest moments that you discover a candle burning brightly within, illuminating your way. If you sit quietly, you etc...

What Is God?

Horner, Christine

Thousands of years into human history, though we’ve advanced technologically as a species, very little has been resolve etc...

Awakening Leadership

Horner, Christine

Human advancement requires the realization that each one of us has an essential role to fulfill to lead humanity into a new era o etc...

Wondrous Willow

Horner, Christine

ONCE THERE WAS AN AUSPICIOUS LITTLE BUTTERFLY who lived on the side of a very steep mountain. How Willow had come to be born on t etc...


Christine Horner

FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY -- Crystal True is a self-invented psychic with a secret. Rising above less-than-mediocrity to become the etc...

The Truth the World Doesn't Want You to Know

Burt Harding

The Four Stages of Awakening: Stage One is known as the average human consciousness that is oblivious to its true essence. This i etc...

Life, the Universe & Gardening

Coles, Sarah

In each of us lies a deep psychic need to create our garden of the golden age, to find our paradise... A gardening feast for the etc...

Hiding In Plain Sight

Harding, Burt

One of the most powerful books on the planet for Awakening Consciousness. Burt Harding offers a radical invitation to recognize t etc...

The Perfection of Awareness

Harding, Burt

A Simplified and Practical Way to Awaken Love and Freedom... The perfect stand-alone or companion book to Burt Harding’ etc...

The Fire & Mystery of Awareness

Harding, Burt

Most spiritual aspirants face confusion during the process of moving from intellectual knowledge to the actual experience of thei etc...

The Journey Home

Multiple Authors

23 Multifaceted Lives, 23 Unique Stories. This is the story of the road to nowhere—a journey of the heart. Like many fa etc...

The Journey Home

Multiple Authors

20 Multifaceted Lives, 20 Unique Stories. In an instant of grace we can experience coming Home to ourselves and to the astonishin etc...

The Journey Home

Multiple Authors

20 Multifaceted Lives, 20 Unique Stories. There is the possibility in every human life when for an instant the illusion of existi etc...

The Divine Dance In the Sacred Landscape of Britain

Lewis, Abad-Pedrosa

Drop into the ancient landscape of Britain with this delightful book by Frances Lewis and Adelina Abad-Pedrosa. From ancient hill etc...
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