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The Circle of Peace

Ken Lewis and Trevor Dennis

Many of us go into each new day with a vague sense of apprehension. Worry, depression, low self-esteem or a sense of hopelessness etc...

Dr Dawn's Guide to Brain Health

Dawn Harper

Many conditions affect our brain and nervous system, and this book provides an in-depth guide to the anatomy of our nervous syste etc...

Barefoot Ways

Stephen Cherry

A sequence of beautifully crafted prayer-meditations for daily reading from Advent through to Candlemas. By the author of the hug etc...

Modern Othodox Thinkers

Andrew Louth

A lively and perceptive account of the lives, writings and enduring intellectual legacies of the great Orthodox theologians of th etc...

David and the Hairy Beast

Fiona Veitch-Smith (Author)

David's dad gives him a very important job to do. But can the shepherd boy overcome his fear of the Hairy Beast to save the f etc...

David and the Kingmaker

Fiona Veitch-Smith (Author)

The prophet Samuel is looking for the next king of Israel. Will he find him on David's farm? David and the Kingmaker examines etc...

David and the Giant

Fiona Veitch-Smith (Author)

When the whole army of Israel is too scared to fight a giant, will young David be any braver? David must draw on his experience o etc...

David and the Lonely Prince

Fiona Veitch-Smith (Author)

David is invited to a sleepover at King Saul's palace. But will David and the king's son ever become friends? David and t etc...

David and the Grumpy King

Fiona Veitch-Smith (Author)

When David agrees to spend a holiday with his best friend Jonathan, he never imagines he will have to run away from a spear-throw etc...

David and the Never-Ending Kingdom

Fiona Veitch-Smith (Author)

In this final adventure, David is transported forward in time to the little town of Bethlehem, which has just witnessed the birth etc...

Much Ado About Something

Larry Culliford

Who, from a scientific perspective, could possibly accept the idea of a virgin birth, or any of Christ’s miracles, much less his etc...

How to Read the Bible (without switching off your brain)

Simon J. Taylor

Bible reading for everyone – that’s what this book offers! It will speak to those who already read the Bible but find themselves etc...

Depression and Anxiety the Drug-Free Way

Mark Greener

Drugs can give people a ‘breathing space’ but do not cure depression and anxiety. Often, people need to address their underlying etc...

Paul and His Recent Interpreters

N. T. Wright

This engaging companion volume to N. T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God is essential reading for all with a serious int etc...

100 things for your child to know before confirmation

Rebecca Kirkpatrick

Many children today arrive as teenagers at confirmation classes without a basic grasp of key Bible stories and Christian knowledg etc...
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