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Unlocking Your Potential

Dr Peter Marshall

This book shows the reader how to unlock their potential and become master of your own mind, life and destiny. It explains how to etc...

Maximising Your Memory

Dr Peter Marshall

This popular book, now in its second edition, explains clearly how you can maximise your memory in order to achieve your academic etc...

Understanding Human Memory

Dr Peter Marshall

This book explores the subject of human memory in all its dimensions – how it works physiologically and chemically, how it develo etc...

Research Methods

Dr Peter Marshall

This is a reader-friendly, plain English and value-for-money manual on social research methods. In this second edition, the autho etc...

How To Study and Learn

Dr Peter Marshall

This book describes the best techniques for studying, learning and achieving the best results as quickly as possible. Now in its etc...

A Handbook of Hypnotherapy

Dr Peter Marshall

In simple, plain English style, this book the reader through the entire subject of hypnotherapy – the theories underlying hypnosi etc...

Improving Your Memory

Dr Peter Marshall

This book contains a memory course that was designed for a large-scale research project at Royal Holloway, University of London. etc...

Educating a Gifted Child

Dr Peter Marshall

The author, an acclaimed expert in the field, consultant to LEAs and schools and former Research Director of the Mensa Foundation etc...

Introduction to Psychology

Dr Peter Marshall

This book provides a comprehensive and multidimensional introduction to psychology
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