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Crossing Borders

Z.A. Maxfield

Two dudes walk into a bookstore… Tristan knows he’s got issues. His latest ex-girlfriend knows it too. He can’t blame her for dum etc...

Dark Avenging Angel

Cavendish, Catherine

Don’t hurt Jane. You may live to regret it. Bullied by her abusive father, Jane always felt different. Then the lonely child foun etc...

Debt of Honor

Clement, Ann

A white marriage is no match for dark desires. Sir Percival Hanbury is prepared to pay almost any price to regain his family’s an etc...

Doorway, The

Spencer, Alan

The dead work in mysterious ways. Morty Saggs is desperate when his wife, Glenda, turns up missing. But all evidence points to Gl etc...

Embracing the Fall

Reese, Lainey

Sometimes it takes double the love to banish the ghosts of the past. New York, Book 4 Back in college, Cami and Ziporah forged a etc...


Bernstein, David

They want the children! Someone is taking children from their homes on Roanoke Island and gruesomely slaughtering their families. etc...

Mother of Demons

Sims, Maynard

The hunt is on! Alice Logan has gone missing, and Harry Bailey and Department 18 have been called to help find her. The main susp etc...

Naked Heat

Holt, Desiree

Which burns hotter...their desire, or his need for revenge? Naked Cowboys, Book 7 The hunt for the drunk driver who killed his tw etc...

Boots and The Rogue

Jackson, Myla

There's more than one way to feed a hungry man. Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 9 Brody McFarlan left home eight years ago after he a etc...

Hotter With a Pole

Devlin, Delilah

When your heart is stuck in the wrong gear, a quick fix isn't going to cut it. Firehouse 69, Book 2 When Noah buys a classic etc...

Lonely Hearts

Cullinan, Heidi

Even hot messes need a happily ever after. Love Lessons, Book 3 With the quiet help of his wealthy family, Sebastian "œBaz&q etc...


Addams, Angela

He will rock her world...once he shows her how he really howls. The Order of the Wolf, Book 5 By night, Mayhem howls out monster etc...


Wildes, Renee

He was bred for war. Her magic is only for peace. Together they must fight for love. Guardians of Light, Book 7 Weapons stolen, c etc...

Relentless Lord

Sandas, Amy

He is a hunter at heart...but her heart is no easy prey. Hannah Walpole suspected the etiquette lessons her parents insisted upon etc...

At Ease

Brynn, Olivia

When the uniform comes off, there’s no holding back. Jaycee Hanson has the best seat in the house in Psych 301. Right behind Tyle etc...
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