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Oren Mass

MultiSign is a light, easy-to-carry non-digital sign with quickly changeable contents. It's a spiral-bound booklet divided in etc...

Breaking and Mending

Dr. Baruch Kahana

The book 'Breaking and Mending', written by Baruch Kahana, a clinical psychologist and a researcher of Jewish Kabala and etc...

Introduction to the Psychology of Self Contraction (Tsimtsum)

Prof. Mordechai Rotenberg

Similar to many innovative “life projects”, the discovery of the “tsimtsum” (contraction) psychology emanated from an incidental etc...

Saving Monotheism

Prof. Mordechai Rotenberg

In his new book Saving Monotheism, Prof. Rotenberg claims that the answer to the existential question` why the most cruel despoti etc...

Esau, My Brother: Father of Edom and Rome

Dr. Irit Aminoff

For two thousand years, Jews educated in their people`s traditions, have perceived Jacob and Esau as depictions of good versus ev etc...

Amos – The Prophet of Teqo'a

Dr. Refael Levin

The prophet Amos, one of the earliest prophets whose prophecies were collated into an independent book in the Bible, lived and wa etc...

Temple of Time

Dr. Gabriel Zeldin

Dr. Zeldin's groundbreaking research in the Torah is considered as required reading for anyone seeking a thorough understandi etc...

Looking Back at the Israeli Banking System, 1965 – 2012

Prof. Meir Heth

This book, published recently by Rubin Mass Ltd, is a collection of articles and papers on developments and policy issues, relati etc...
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