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My Rights

Planning Families in Nepal

Brunson, Jan

Medical anthropologist Jan Brunson explores how two generations of married women in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley--and later their etc...

Our Aging Bodies

Merrill, Gary F.

Our Aging Bodies provides a clear, scientifically based explanation of what happens to all the major organ systems and bodily pro etc...

It's Not Your Fault!

Barone, Joseph

It’s Not Your Fault! offers evidence-based solutions for toilet training and to help parents of children suffering from delayed t etc...

Producing Excellence

Wagner, Izabela

An in-depth study of nearly one hundred young children studying violin in Western Europe, Producing Excellence illuminates the pr etc...

Amigas y Amantes

Acosta, Katie L

Amigas y Amantes (Friends and Lovers) explores the experiences of sexually nonconforming Latinas in the creation and maintenance etc...

Child's Play

Messner, Michael A. and Michael Musto

In Child’s Play, leading sociologist of sport Michael A. Messner and his co-editor Micheal Musto have gathered state-of-the-art r etc...

Faith, Family, and Filipino American Community Life

Cherry, Stephen M.

In his groundbreaking study of a Filipino American immigrant community, Stephen Cherry demonstrates how cultural forces not only etc...

Feeding the Future

Rutledge, Jennifer Geist

Today 368 million children receive school lunches in 151 countries, in programs supported by state and national governments. In F etc...

The Globalization of Supermax Prisons

Ross, Jeffrey Ian

“Supermax” prisons are typically reserved for convicted political criminals such as terrorists and spies and for other inmates wh etc...

Into Africa

Wall, Barbra Mann

In Into Africa, Barbra Mann Wall offers a transnational history that explores the intersection of religion, medicine, gender, rac etc...

Jewish on Their Own Terms

Thompson, Jennifer A.

This book provides a complex, insightful portrait of intermarried couples and the new forms of American Judaism that they are con etc...

Kids in the Middle

Katz, Vikki S.

Kids in the Middle explores how children of immigrants use their language capabilities, knowledge of American culture, and facili etc...

Testing for Athlete Citizenship

Henne, Kathryn E.

Incidents of doping in sports are common in news headlines, despite regulatory efforts. How did doping become a crisis? What does etc...

Tragedy of the Commodity

Longo, Stefano B., Rebecca Clausen, and Brett Clark

The Tragedy of the Commodity explores the role of human agency in the overfishing crisis, highlighting the social and economic fo etc...

Kurdistan on the Global Stage

King, Diane E.

Diane E. King has written about everyday life in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which covers much of the area long known as Iraqi etc...
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