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Blood, Sweat & Theory

John Freeman

Practice-based research is the default approach to postgraduate activity in Drama, Theatre and Performance. Yet it is only recent etc...

A Shell Eye on England

David Heathcote

The Shell County Guides began in the 1930s under the leadership of the young John Betjeman. The content of these early guides was etc...

Interior Tools Interior Tactics

Joyce Fleming, Frazer Hay, Edward Hollis, Andrew Milligan and Drew Plunkett

Interior Architecture and Design is an ephemeral art, whose raw material is empty space and whose legacy is contested and fragmen etc...

Interiors Education Futures

Paul Rodgers

Interior spaces play a huge part in our everyday experiences. They help us rest, they provide facilities for cleaning us, they he etc...

Postgraduate Education: Form and Function

Claus Nygaard, Nigel Courtney and Liezel Frick

This book is a response to concerns that policies and practices of higher education have tended to draw too much attention toward etc...

Virtual Leadership

Ghislaine Caulat

‘Virtual working’ is nothing new. For at least two decades people have been working together virtually, their interactions enable etc...

Beyond Transmission - Innovations in University Teaching

Claus Nygaard, Nigel Courtney and Clive Holtham

Higher education today finds itself confronting many challenges, economic, technological and social. Universities’ reliance on ‘t etc...

Deciphering Advertising, Art and Architecture

Graham Cairns

Much has been written about the hidden messages and codes used by advertisers to persuade consumers to buy their products. In Dec etc...

Coaching Relationships

Erik de Haan and Charlotte Sills

Many books on coaching have focused more on what the coach does than on the client. Coaching Relationships is different. It place etc...

Teaching Creativity - Creativity in Teaching

Claus Nygaard, Nigel Courtney and Clive Holtham

Teaching Creativity – Creativity in Teaching offers new theoretical approaches to the understanding of creativity in teaching and etc...

Articulating Design Thinking

Paul Rodgers

Articulating Design Thinking contains a collection of thought-provoking papers from researchers based in eight different countrie etc...

Along the Way

Robert L. France

For more than a thousand years, the collective imagination – and footsteps! – of millions of people have been captured by the pil etc...

Remaking Memory

John Freeman

When research is so connected to personal interest, experience, and familiarity that objectivity becomes a moveable feast, the li etc...

Case Based Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

Nigel Courtney, Christian Poulsen, Chrysostomos Stylios

This anthology comprises chapters authored by an international panel of 25 expert practitioners in case based teaching and learni etc...

Case-based Learning in Higher Education

John Branch, Paul Bartholomew and Claus Nygaard

Case-based learning has become a common instructional method across higher education and is likely to be encountered in all disci etc...
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