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My Rights

Secret Sins

Russell Davies (Author)

Sleepy rustic Carmarthenshire was secretly a hotbed of debauchery, violence and drunkenness according to Russell Davies in a new etc...

Street Urchins, Sociopaths and Degenerates

David Floyd (Author)

From the notable emergence of orphan figures in late eighteenth-century literature, through early- and middle-period Victorian fi etc...

The Welsh in an Australian Gold Town

Robert Tyler (Editor)

This book’s focus is the Welsh immigrant community in the Ballarat/Sebastopol gold mining district of Victoria, Australia during etc...

Edward Thomas

Judy Kendall (Author)

Edward Thomas: The Origins of his Poetry builds a new theoretical framework for critical work on imaginative composition through etc...

These Poor Hands

B.L. Coombes (Author), Bill Jones (Editor), Chris Williams (Editor)

These Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner Working in South Wales, was first published in June 1939. It was an instant bestse etc...

Postcolonialism Revisited

Kirsti Bohata (Author)

Postcolonialism Revisited is a ground-breaking book, the first to explore and analyse Anglophone Welsh writing, both literary and etc...

History of Money

Glyn Davies (Author)

This is a straight-forward, readable account, written with the minimum of jargon, of the central importance of money in the ordin etc...

Making Sense of Wales

Graham Day (Author)

Making Sense of Wales gives an account of the main changes that have taken place in Welsh society over the last fifty years, as w etc...

Investigating Language Attitudes

Peter Garrett (Editor), Nikolas Coupland (Editor), Angie Williams (Editor)

This is a systematic and critical appraisal of the variety of ways in which people's attitudes to language have been research etc...

The Practical Guide to Buying and Running a Smallholding in Wales

Liz Shankland (Author)

Offers guidance to buying and running a smallholding in Wales, aimed at would-be downshifters, wherever they may live.

The Milieu and Context of the Wooing Group

Susannah M. Chewning (Editor)

This book brings together the most current interpretations of the Wooing Group from scholars currently working on the fields of m etc...

Wine Drinking Culture in France

Marion Demossier (Author)

Wine drinking culture in France has traditionally been a source of pride for the French and in an age of concerns about the dange etc...

French Fiction into the Twenty-First Century

Simon Kemp (Author)

This book examines contemporary French literature in the light of a widely-held critical notion that it exists ‘in the wake’ of a etc...

The Welsh in an Australian Gold Town

Robert Tyler (Author)

Works which have sought to look specifically at the Welsh in Australia have been few in number and characterised by a concentrati etc...

Brwydr i Baradwys?

Huw Thomas (Author)

Dadansodda’r gyfrol arloesol hon, am y tro cyntaf erioed, ddylanwadau niferus ar dwf yr Ysgolion Cymraeg, gan godi cwestiynau i f etc...
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