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The Celtic Revolution

Ellis, Peter Berresford

A unique pan-Celtic primer which surveys the cultural and politica l histories of all six Celtic nations, describing their fight etc...

The Magic of the Mabinogion

Ifans, Rhiannon

These famous, ancient tales simply retold by Celtic scholar, Dr Rhiannon Ifans. The daring fantasy of these stories come alive in etc...

Land of My Fathers

Evans, Gwynfor

A uniquely comprehensive, illustrated history of Wales which became an immediate best-seller when it was first published in Welsh etc...

Tales From The Celtic Countries

Ifans, Rhiannon

A wide-ranging collection of twelve legends from the six Celtic countries, told with vibrancy and panache; with 24 colour illustr etc...

The Fight For Welsh Freedom

Evans, Gwynfor

An easy-to-read introduction to 2,000 years of Welsh history comprising portrayals of Welsh heroes through the ages who were insp etc...

Holy Ways of Wales

Green, Jim

A guide to the pilgrimage routes and sites of Wales. With maps and photographs, the author follows the old ways to famous Welsh c etc...

The Versatile Welsh Breeds

Williams, Brenda

A detailed look at the strength and variety of Welsh cob breeds, including profiles of notable breeding studs in Wales and beyond etc...

Manawl's Treasure

Whittaker, Liz

This final book of the Dreamstealers Trilogy brings to an end the many mysteries and adventures that Ginny and Leo and assorted f etc...

A Flat-pack in Greece

Goldsworthy, Eva

Escaping a failed marriage, Eva Goldsworthy emigrated to Greece and soothed the pain by visiting the ancient sites of Delphi, the etc...

Tales from the Mabinogion

Thomas, Gwyn

A retelling of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi for children by Gwyn Thomas, with striking colour illustrations by Margaret Jone etc...

The Great Purple Sphere

James, Huw

Money's tight in Jasper Tuttle's house. He's not expecting any special summer holiday when Professor Lightship invite etc...

Ebony and Ivory

Williams, David Morgan

Huw wakes up from blackness, his head hurting. Why is he bound hand and foot, in the back of a large truck, hurtling through a sa etc...

Staying Strong: My Story So Far

McBryde, Robin

English translation of "Y Cymro Cryfa". Robin McBryde once made a name for himself as "The Strongest Welshman" etc...

The Legends of King Arthur

Ifans, Rhiannon

The heroic feats of King Arthur and his knights have haunted the Welsh and European imagination for centuries. Read about Merlin etc...

First Catch Your Peacock

Freeman, Bobby

A revised edition of the comprehensive guide to Welsh food first published in 1980. It is a culmination of thirty years' rese etc...
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