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Glitzy Quilts

Annette Morgan

In Glitzy Quilts ebook, well-known British quilter Annette Morgan shows how to make your quilts sparkle. Here are many techniques etc...

Kpatsa from Ghana

Trevor Wiggins

African Drumming Workshop: Kpatsa from Ghana Use this enhanced ebook to learn to play Kpatsa, one of the easier pieces from West etc...

Ageshe from Ghana

Trevor Wiggins

African Drumming Workshop This enhanced ebook gives all you need to learn how to play AGESHE, which is one of the most difficult etc...

Scrap Quilt Projects

Katharine Guerrier

Quick easy scrap quilt patterns to make you smile – in Scrap Quilt Projects ebook from one of the UK’s foremost quilting teachers etc...

Making Christmas Cards

Jenny Cocks

Making stylish Christmas cards is easy with this new ebook Making Christmas Cards by Jenny Cocks, with exclusive printable papers etc...

3D Cross Stitch Cards

Meg Evershed

Meg Evershed of The Nutmeg Company presents 40 new three-dimensional cross stitch card designs. The imaginative designs are stitc etc...

Making More Beaded Jewellery

Barbara Case

Bestselling author Barbara Case’s latest book on bead jewellery contains 50 new projects, all with clear and detailed instruction etc...

Applique Angels and Hearts

Madeleine Millington

Appliqué suddenly became colourful, easy and fun with Madeleine Millington’s unique designs, brimming with character. In the etc...

Celebrate Celtic

Angela Madden

Create impressive interlaced Celtic baskets, hearts and stars on your quilts, with Angela Madden’s tried and trusted technique. N etc...

The Cross Stitch Guild Design and Pattern Book

Jane Greenoff

This ebook contains photos, instructions and patterns for over 50 projects by Jane Greenoff and Sue Hawkins from the CSG Members’ etc...

Creative Fabric Techniques

Annette Morgan

New ideas for creating exciting textile surfaces – for quilters and embroiderers, in this CD book in PDF format. Using innovative etc...

Little Welsh Quilts

Mary Jenkins

Welsh quilts are striking, with bold colours and simple shapes. They look magnificent as bed quilts but are also distinctive when etc...

Hardanger for the Horrified

Jane Greenoff

Hardanger embroidery is a traditional counted-thread technique from Norway. Frequently used with cross stitch, it has a reputatio etc...

One Simple Stitch

Helen M Stevens

In ONE SIMPLE STITCH, ebook with video demonstrations, the author Helen M Stevens begins a crusade to prove that if you can bring etc...

Tiaras and Bridal Jewellery

Jema Hewitt

Tiaras and Bridal Jewellery shows you how to make a special tiara for your wedding, prom or party. And how to create earrings, br etc...
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