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The Dying of the Light: End

Jason Kristopher (author)

The zombie apocalypse isn't coming,it's already here. “I didn't see Rebecca die the second time.” etc...

The Bookshop Hotel

A. K. Klemm (author)

"The Bookshop Hotel took a deep breath... For so long, the building had longed for heavy hearts to grow light and for weary etc...

Aristeia: Revolutionary Right

Wayne Basta (author)

A former naval starfighter pilot, Maarkean Ocaitchi once fought to protect the Alliance and its principles of freedom and democra etc...

Aristeia: A Little Rebellion

Wayne Basta (author)

"I like a little rebellion now and then...The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable that I wish it to be always etc...

Lunch with Charlotte

Leon Berger (author)

Every Friday for the last 25 years of her life, I had lunch with Charlotte and each week she told me more of her extraordinary st etc...


George Wright Padgett (author)

For over a hundred and fifty years, the rarest and most valuable substance in the solar system has been mined from the only locat etc...

Greystone Valley

Charlie Brooks (author)

Greystone Valley is a land of wizards, dragons, and warriors — and one young girl who ends up there quite by accident w etc...

Beneath Hallowed Ground

Steven P. Locklin (author)

Deceit. Treachery. Treasure. Lieutenant Jackson Prescott, having just survived the cornfield at Antietam in September of 1862, is etc...

Seashells, Gator Bones, and the Church of Everlasting Liability

Susan Adger (author)

In the 1930s, the fictional town of Toad Springs, Florida, is filled with the adventures and daily whatnots of worthy, down-to-ea etc...

Aristeia: Tree of Liberty

Wayne Basta (author)

Zeric Dustlighter has been a soldier his entire adult life. Give him a gun and tell him who to shoot, and he'll get the job d etc...

Fallen Is Babylon

Michael Wentela (author)

Vann Arnett may be the last man to survive the end of civilization, unchanged by the plague that brought about The Collapse. For etc...

The Dying of the Light: Interval

Jason Kristopher (author)

Becoming a zombie was much more painful than he had expected. The world has ended, and the few who are left struggle to survive. etc...

Cruel Devices

George Wright Padgett (author)

Renowned horror writer Gavin Curtis is in a rut until he stumbles upon a mysterious typewriter, a forbidden antique that ignites etc...

Chickens & Hens

Nancy-Gail Burns (author)

When young Marnie unexpectedly loses her father, her grandmother moves into her home to help her mother and all three women must etc...

The Dearly Departed Dating Service

Rae Renzi (author)

Joy had it all: a promising medical career, a handsome and kind fiancé, a bright future. Until it all came crashing do etc...
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