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Angel Financing in Asia Pacific: A Guidebook for Investors and Entrepreneurs

John Y. Lo

Angel investment and finance have been spreading from Silicon Valley to other parts of the world, including Asia, at an accelerat etc...

The Current Global Recession: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation into Developed and BRICS Economies

Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar

By using empirical understanding and new policy data, this important new title investigates the world-wide economic crisis. The g etc...

Evolving Entrepreneurial Education: Innovation in the Babson Classroom

V.L Crittenden, K Esper, N Karst

The ability to enrich student learning is fundamental to the educational process and requires a broad range of talents. A truly g etc...

Bad to Good: Achieving High Quality and Impact in Your Research

Arch G. Woodside

Bad to Good: Achieving High Quality Impact in Your Research covers 24 common bad practices in theory construction and empirical t etc...

Reimagining Business Education: Insights and Actions from the Business Education Jam


his new title discusses the rationale for, and design of, the first Business Education Jam, an initiative reviewing key challenge etc...

Forming and Centering

ED: Kenneth M. Moffett

Nearly every work of architecture can be characterized by specific approaches to forming and centering. An awareness of these &qu etc...

Mastering Digital Transformation: Towards a Smarter Society, Economy, City and Nation

Nagy K. Hanna

The information and communication technology revolution offers the promise of transforming economies and societies, and the risks etc...

Dynamic Linkages and Volatility Spillover

Bagchi; Dandapat; Chatterjee

This book examines the dynamic relationship and volatility spillovers between crude oil prices, exchange rates and stock markets etc...

Case Study Research

Arch G. Woodside

Case Study Research: Core Skill Sets in Using 15 Genres examines the processes involved in conducting case research in a number o etc...

Strategic Thinking

Frederick Betz

Leadership and strategy are intricately connected--one of the primary responsibilities of leaders is to formulate strategy. In an etc...

Innovation Strategy for Enterprises in Emerging Economies

Anurag Satpathy (author); Arjun Agrawal (author); Sanjay Mohapatra (author)

For a company to grow it needs to generate more margin of profit. It can generate more profit if it provides more value to custom etc...


Ken R. Blawatt

Marconomics is about human economics. This text introduces marconomics, examining how the use of the social sciences, consumer be etc...

The Strategically Networked Organization

Hanna Lehtimaki

This book demonstrates to managers the strategic significance of intra-organizational social networks. It argues that strategic m etc...

Building Markets for Knowledge Resources

Maria Rosaria Della Peruta

Peruta examines emerging pervasive models of innovation and how their nature, effects, and origins are characterized. The book st etc...

Community Management of Urban Open Spaces in Developing Economies

Bharati Mohapatra

Dr. Bharati Mohapatra examines the social, functional, physical and emotional aspects of neighborhood Open Space and the attitude etc...
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