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Dead Star Island

Andrew Shantos

Dead Star Island, a remote tropical paradise, home to sixteen rock and movie superstars the world thinks are dead. Elvis is there etc...

Feeling the Fear

Carolyn Pertwee

A young woman’s life is turned upside down as she prepares to confront her deepest fears. A group of friends is called together t etc...

The Chechen Assassination Plot

Antony Tobias

BASED ON TRUE EVENTS this is a tale of International espionage, illegal arms, love, deceit and murder. It's 1993 and the Russ etc...

Portrait of a Lost Boy

Michael Bartram

In Jerusalem on a beautiful day in 1898, Johannes, a young German boy goes on a trip with his father and an artist friend to Heze etc...

Where Waters Meet

John Franks

Set in the mythical village of Watersmeet, in post-Medieval Britain, two dramatic stories unfold. Allhan travels through a vast f etc...

Father Pauls War

Mark Cheng

In 1935 Paul Leung, a promising engineering student, finds himself attracted to the austere life of a Cistercian monk. He leaves etc...

I Was Benny Hill's Toy Boy

Jon Jon Keefe

I Was Benny Hill's Toy Boy is the true life illustrated autobiography of Jon Jon Keefe, Actor/ comedian/ singer/ compere to t etc...

The Nitty Gritty Guitar Book

Robin Turner

Most guitar books focus on playing the guitar but this one helps people making their first purchase to understand why some guitar etc...

Wartime Is Your Time

Marian Gold

Wartime is Your Time is a book chronicling the lives of women during the First World War, while their men were fighting at the fr etc...

Grosse Fugue

Ian Phillips

Grosse Fugue interweaves the sublime and the depraved to create a searing tale of tragedy and reconciliation. This gripping epic etc...
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