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A Year at Polverras

Sylvia Ouston

When young Winnie has a baby and her boy friend Harry Jago disappears, everyone assumes it is his … Tragedy, romance and humour c etc...

My Brother Humphrey

Keith Chatfield

Humphrey's curiosity about the world about him constantly leads him into mischief, to the exasperation of his older sister El etc...

Caught From Time

Anne Garnett

Anne Garnett was a schoolgirl in the Quantock and Brendon Hills country of West Somerset in the 1920s. Aged sixteen, she began to etc...

Seagull Morning

Elsie Balme

The tar making, the wood shavings on the workshop floors, the games in the streets and all that went to make up her childhood in etc...

A Season of Lamplight

Trevor Vaughan

'Take the pleasure and forget the pain', Mary tells Arthur, who has been left at his cousins' farm in Co. Down in 193 etc...

Lobster at Littlehampton

Clare Sheppard

In this wonderfully rich and funny book Clare Sheppard's family comes to life, particularly her redoubtable grandmother, Mrs etc...

The Timid Bending Venus

John Adlard

Satire, fantasy and literary allusion blend in this comedy, a love story that takes place at a feminist conference in a haunted S etc...

The Dartmoor Yankee

Malcolm Lynch

The story of John Adams, an American prisoner of war in 1812 who has escaped from jail into the wilds of Dartmoor. He finds shelt etc...

Across Cobblestones

Derrick Rugg

Derrick Rugg describes his idyllic childhood at Kentisbeare in the 1930s looking for wild violets or strawberries, of cricket, ra etc...

And Then There was One

Joyce Dennys

Joyce spent her early years with her mother, brothers, cousins & beloved nanny; her father was absent, in India. She conveys etc...

Daddy's Good Ideas

Keith Chatfield

Every Sunday Daddy has a good idea and this time it is to paint a picture that is very cold, so Humphrey and Elizabeth find out a etc...

The Boy in the Mirror

Keith Chatfield

When Humphrey teases Elizabeth because he seems taller than her in a looking-glass, it leads to her learning the word perspective etc...

Mrs Tibbs

John Eve

Mrs Tibbs was a real sheep and these stories of a traditional small farm are written by a shepherd. The animals include the sheep etc...


Howard Abbot

The executives of TransState, a multi-national company, plan to sell chocolates containing a virulent strain of salmonella. Can P etc...

No Problem

Edward Prynn

A Boy in Hobnailed Boots ends with Ed’s marriage. Here, with the same zest and grit as before, he goes straight on to tell of the etc...
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