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Ryan Mark

The life William knew has gone. His world has been left devastated by the Fossil War. All major governments have been wiped out a etc...


David McCaffrey

His crimes - unforgivable. His death - inevitable. His suffering - just beginning.Obadiah Stark aka The Tally Man, is executed at etc...

Mac the Knife

L D Callow

The lone survivor of the vicious slaughtering of his family, 10 year old Scott Radon must learn to navigate a world far from the etc...

Confessions of a Mother Inferior

Ericka Waller

Peta has three children under five, a job she hates and a tummy that looks like Jabba-The-Hut. Her (quirky) daughter has just sta etc...

The Cornubian

Julie Spiller

When infamous smuggler Martin MacBride returns to Cornwall after escaping slavery in Algiers, he finds his wife and child have di etc...

26 Miles to the Moon

Andrew Males

10 Hopefuls. 26 Miles. 1 Target: The Moon. Jon Dunn is a nobody, going nowhere in life. But that all changes when he answers a ra etc...

I Blame Morrissey

Jamie Jones

You wouldn't let song lyrics rule your life would you? You wouldn't become so infatuated with a pop star that you would u etc...

Divine Nature

JD Atkin

There's something very odd about Meris. The fish in the glass canals know it. The scientists who created her know it. And the etc...

Operation ACID

Steve Wraith

Operation Acid was devised by the Police in 1996, it’s sole intent to facilitate the arrest of Charlie Kray, eldest brother of th etc...

Tainted Jewel

S.M Hope

It was love that dragged Kate Reilly

One by One

Robert Enright

Toxic City

Dangel Angello

The world is now a savage place, where nature is caustic and mankind is deadly. In other words, survival is just another job. Pos etc...

The Bear Woman

Ocean Frida Hillfon

The Bear Woman is a story about love. A powerful, dramatic and adventurous narrative of Rion and Loana's possible and impossi etc...


Tosh McIntosh/Gilly Black

This book is about the original history of the hooligan Jolly Roger Firm and it depicts the involvement of the authors during the etc...

Dangerous Appointment

Dennis Kenyon

Under the obscurity of night, a helicopter lands on the desolate, frozen surface of Lake Michigan. 'What have I done?... What etc...
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