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Thirty Secret Years

Robin Denniston

30 Secret Years reveals how an enterprising Scottish linguist was able to decipher German naval messages in the Admiralty in Worl etc...

Cribs For Victory

Joss Pearson

Cribs For Victory is a posthumous account of the secret code-breaking process in Bletchley Park’s Fusion Room during World War II etc...

Kayak Across The Atlantic

Pete Bray

This first-hand account of an epic voyage across the North Atlantic ocean in a kayak in 2001 tells the story of Pete Bray's s etc...

Saving The Tsars' Palaces

Christopher Morgan & Irina Orlova

Millions of people annually visit the great country palaces built by the tsars in a circle round St. Petersburg. Created by artis etc...

Cornish Guernseys & Knitfrocks

Mary Wright

In late 19th century Cornwall hand-knitting was a vital cottage industry and coastal villages developed their own distinctive pat etc...

Another Man's Shoes

Sven Somme

Another Man's Shoes is a gripping first-hand account of a Norwegian scientist's escape from German custody during the Sec etc...

Flushed With Pride

Wallace Reyburn

Flushed With Pride celebrates the life and times of Thomas Crapper, the Victorian sanitary ware manufacturer who revolutionised t etc...

Picnic Crumbs

Anabel Loyd

Picnic Crumbs is a collection of stories, from all sorts of people over several centuries, of food produced or eaten in a way tha etc...

Rockhopper Copper

Conrad Glass

Conrad Glass is a policeman with the loneliest beat in the world: he patrols the remote island of Tristan da Cunha in the middle etc...


James Derriman

In 1807 a British naval captain, Warwick Lake, marooned an 18-year-old member of his crew from Polperro, Cornwall, on the tiny un etc...

Through Grown-up Eyes

Robert Henrey

Bobby Henrey was eight when he was improbably chosen by film director Carol Reed and producer Sir Alexander Korda to star alongsi etc...

The Looe Island Story

Mike Dunn

History of Looe Island

Invisible Crying Tree

Tom Shannon & Christopher Morgan

In 1992, Christopher Morgan, a farmer, joined a pen-friend scheme whose aim was to give prisoners a window on the outside world. etc...

The Reluctant Restaurateur

Imogen Skirving

The Reluctant Restaurateur is the story of one woman's unwitting transformation of her Nottinghamshire family home into one o etc...

Lucy's Diary

Lucy Rodd

Lucy’s Diary is the journal of 15-year-old Lucy Rodd who travelled with her parents from their home in Rockford, Illinois in the etc...
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