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Heart of a Lioness

Irene Gleeson

Autobiography of Australian missionary to the children of Kitgum, northern Uganda. On 21 July 2013 Mama Irene passed away surroun etc...

The Presents of God

Mark Stibbe

Mark Stibbe reminds us that we have a loving, generous Fatherwho delights to give his children gifts, especially the gifts of the etc...

William Wilberforce

Mark Williamson

Read the full story of Wilberforce and his friends in the Clapham Sect: how they not only abolished the transatlantic slave trade etc...

The Real Deal

Rod Williams

The powerful autobiography of a gambler, drug addict and dealer who turns to God and finds freedom. Offers hope for those struggl etc...

Life Lines

Deborah Duncan

Deborah Duncan and Cathy Le Feuvre have taken a light-hearted, humorous, but nevertheless thought-provoking look at life through etc...

Amy Carmichael

Joanna Williamson

A biography of Amy Carmichael. Part of the Remarkable Lives series, with key learning points designed to empower Christian leader etc...

The Virgin Monologues

Carrie Lloyd

How does the single Christian woman maintain her relationships while staying true to herself? How can she thrive in a predominate etc...

What I Wish my Mother had told me about Marriage

Greg Gorman

Do you desire greater intimacy in your relationship? Long for a deeper connection where loyalty and devotion abounds? Want your m etc...

30 days With John

Emily Owen

A 30-day look at ‘John’s diary’, with thought-provoking points, prayers and questions for the reader, we are encouraged to look a etc...

Practising Resurrection

Cris Rogers

Jesus’ death was never about sin management but about the whole created order being restored and redeemed. Jesus died 2,000 years etc...


Jon Cox

Mission Immeasurable is the account of how an ordinary guy, a casualty staff nurse in London, was called to encourage young peopl etc...

Gods Upgrades: My Adventures

John Leach

An enjoyable account of John’s life story through which we also look at the topic of suffering and how God works to sanctify us a etc...

Exposing the Psalms

Peter Nevland

An unusual and entertaining commentary on thirty psalms. It is written with a fresh, colloquial and postmodern voice. Each chapte etc...

Marriage Makeover

Phillip Wagner

In just ten days, you can radically change the environment of your marriage from hostile to trusting, from cold to warm, or from etc...

Love Junkies

Christy Johnson

A 'Hand Up' for Women Stuck in the Toxic Love Rut. Do romantic relationships leave you miserable and confused? Are you ti etc...
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