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A Perilous Passage of Princess Petunia Peasant

Victor Edward Apps (Author)

In THE PERILOUS PASSAGE OF PRINCESS PETUNIA PEASANT, teen activist Pet Peasant has no time for administrative red tape. All she w etc...

The Devil You Know

Peter Gregoire (Author)

A pressing need for income tempts Scott Lee to take on media tycoon, Rufus Lam’s case. It seems like a straightforward enough mis etc...

University Days

Laura Solomon (Author)

UNIVERSITY DAYS is one of a series of young adult novellas, set in London. Twins, Olivia and Melanie, are now aged eighteen. Stud etc...

The Stewarts of Bourtreebush

Gillian Bickley (author)

In a follow-up to her biography of renowned Hong Kong educationalist Frederick Stewart, Gillian Bickley turns the spotlight on hi etc...

Searching for Frederick

Verner Bickley (author)

Narrative of eight-years research, in Scotland, England and Hong Kong, as well as world-wide, with useful addresses and contact i etc...

Tightrope! - A Bohemian Tale

Olga Wallo (author). Edited by Gillian Bickley and Olga Wallo

The Narrator of Tightrope! – A Bohemian Tale, an extraordinary, curiously intellectual small girl, undertakes the demanding and c etc...

Bao Bao's Odyssey: From Mao's Shanghai To Capitalist Hong Kong

Paul Ting (Author)

In BAO BAO'S ODYSSEY: FROM MAO'S SHANGHAI TO CAPITALIST HONG KONG, mischievous adolescent Song Bao Bao grows up devoted t etc...

The Golden Needle: The Biography of Frederick Stewart (1836-1889)

Gillian Bickley (author)

The Golden Needle: The Biography of Frederick Stewart (1836-1889) was first published in November 1997, a few months after the fo etc...

Semper Fi: The Story of a Vietnam Era Marine

Orville Leverne Clubb (Author)

SEMPER FI gives a portrait of a young man and his experiences as an enlisted member of the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War etc...

The Day They Came

Gérard Louis Breissan (Author)

In THE DAY THEY CAME Gérard Louis Breissan finally speaks out about the many extraordinary events which occurred in his earl etc...

Moving House and other Poems from Hong Kong (1CD)

Gillian Bickley (author)

Moving House and other Poems from Hong Kong was prompted by happenings and thoughts at a time of change. The poems connect new wi etc...

Paranoia (The Walk and Talk with Angela)

Caleb Kavon (Author)

PARANOIA shows a man of solitary habits and a background of family disruption and multiple relationships. Disturbed by his girlfr etc...

For the Record and other Poems of Hong Kong (2CDs)

Gillian Bickley‧(author) (Supported by H.K. Arts Development Council)

This collection of sixty poems has been written during almost thirty years' residence in Hong Kong. Most are on explicitly Ho etc...

Wonder, Lust & Itchy Feet 【International Proverse Prize Semi-Finalist 2010】

Sally Dellow (Author)

In WONDER, LUST & ITCHY FEET a fearless, intelligent and eager woman─mother, lover, wife and daughter─collects for the first etc...


Gillian Bickley (Author)

PERCEPTIONS consists of short pieces, poetry or poem-like essays, written over a period of thirty years, on various serious and r etc...
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