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Mathematical Understanding for Secondary Teaching

Heid, M. Kathleen; Wilson, Patricia S.; Blume, Glendon W.

A perennial discussion about teacher development is the optimal content background for teachers. In recent years, that discussion etc...

School Counseling for Black Male Student Success in 21st Century Urban Schools

Henfield, Malik S.; Washington, Ahmad R.

Discussions and research related to the salience of Black male student needs and development in relation to their general success etc...

"The Brain Controls Everything"

Óskarsdóttir, Gunnhildur

This book explores a study of how and under what circumstances children’s ideas about the body change over the period of two scho etc...

Amerindian Paths

Guimarães, Danilo Silva

This book comes as part of a broader project the editor is developing aiming critically to articulate some theoretical and method etc...

Better Principals, Better Schools

Stafford, Delia; Hill-Jackson, Valerie

A school is only as good as its principal. This quip forms the thesis of Better Principals as it provides a bird’s eye view on th etc...

Democratizing Leadership

Klein, Mike

Democratizing Leadership: Counter?hegemonic Democracy in Organizations, Institutions, and Communities promotes leadership in the etc...

Distance Learning - Issue

Simonson, Michael

Distance Learning is for leaders, practitioners, and decision makers in the fields of distance learning, e'learning, telecomm etc...

Educational Opportunity in Rural Contexts

Williams, Sheneka M.; Grooms, Ain A.

The impetus behind this volume stems from reflections on commemorations of the historic Brown v. Board of Education decision. Bro etc...

Journal of Research in Character Education, Volume 11, Number 1, 2015

Benninga, Jacques S.; Berkowitz, Marvin W.

The Journal of Character Education serves an audience of researchers, policy makers, teacher educators, and school practitioners etc...

Particulars and Universals in Clinical and Developmental Psychology

Watzlawik, Meike; Kriebel, Alina; Valsiner, Jaan

What sparks a psychologist’s interest in a certain phenomenon? Is it a symptom, a syndrome, a treatment, the usual, the exception etc...

Philosophy as Disability & Exclusion

Hayhoe, Simon

Philosophy as Disability and Exclusion examines the history of ideas on arts in the education of people who are blind in England, etc...

Project Based Literacy

Gura, Mark; Reissman, Rose

Project-Based Learning; it’s a term that most educators have heard and probably have heard good things about, Often, though, they etc...

Quarterly Review of Distance Education - Journal Issue

Simonson, Michael; Schlosser, Charles

The Quarterly Review of Distance Education is a rigorously refereed journal publishing articles, research briefs, reviews, and ed etc...

Reaching the Mountaintop of the Academy

Thompson, Gail L.; Bonner, II, Fred A.; Lewis, Chance W.

Since the U.S. Civil Rights era, the racial composition of higher education has changed dramatically, resulting in an increase in etc...

Service-Learning to Advance Social Justice in a Time of Radical Inequality

Tinkler, Alan S.; Tinkler, Barri E.; Jagla, Virginia M.; Strait, Jean R.

When considering inequality, one goal for educators is to enhance critical engagement to allow learners an opportunity to partici etc...
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