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Fast Facts: Acute Coronary Syndromes

Paul A Gurbel, Udaya S Tantry, Kurt Huber

Fast Facts: Acute Coronary Syndromes is an international evidence-based primer that focuses on optimizing patient outcomes via ac etc...

Fast Facts: Breast Cancer

Jayant S Vaidya, David Joseph

Wherever you are in your career, and whatever involvement you have with caring for women with breast cancer, the fifth edition of etc...

Fast Facts: Brain Tumors

Lauren E Abrey, Warren P Mason

Despite the availability of many effective treatments, there remains a therapeutic nihilism associated with brain tumors. This hi etc...

Fast Facts: Multiple Sclerosis

Omar Malik, Ann Donnelly, Michael Barnett

Rapid advances in multiple sclerosis (MS) research have produced diagnostic achievements and new treatments that are helping clin etc...

Fast Facts: Obesity

David Haslam, Gary Wittert

“Not to broach the subject of excess weight with a patient is a dereliction of duty as a healthcare professional,” say the author etc...

Fast Facts: Cardiac Arrhythmias

Gerry Kaye, Steve Furniss, Robert Lemery

Recent progress in interventional therapies has revolutionized the management of cardiac arrhythmias, resulting in a remarkable i etc...

Fast Facts: Disorders of the Hair and Scalp

Rod Sinclair, Vicky Jolliffe

Hair is inextricably linked with an individual’s sense of worth, personal style and self-confidence. If this is overlooked by cli etc...

Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer

Roger S Kirby; Manish I Patel

The time has come to abandon the prevalent attitude of nihilism about prostate cancer because, potentially, much suffering could etc...

Fast Facts: Renal Disorders

Ajay Singh, Jeremy Lvey, Charles Pusey

Early detection of renal problems coupled with the appropriate therapeutic strategy can radically reduce the progressive nature o etc...

Fast Facts: Skin Cancer

Karen L Agnew, Christopher B Bunker, Sarah T Arron

Skin cancer is both preventable and treatable, yet it is becoming alarmingly common. The key to successful treatment (other than etc...

Fast Facts: Heart Failure

Dariusz Korczyk, Thomas H Marwick, Gerry Kaye

Heart failure is a serious public health problem that has an enormous effect on individuals and families, as well as healthcare b etc...

Fast Facts: Osteoarthritis

Philip Conaghan, Amanda E Nelson

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder and represents a massive problem in our aging and overweight society. For most p etc...

Fast Facts: Asthma

Stephen T Holgate, Jo A Douglass

Fast Facts: Asthma delivers a clear practical message – improved asthma control can be achieved through efficient commonsense del etc...

Fast Facts: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Roger Kirby, Peter Gilling

Most men with BPH can be diagnosed and managed in the primary care setting. In choosing appropriate treatment, clinicians must ta etc...

Fast Facts: Bleeding Disorders

David Green, Christopher A Ludlam

Most hemorrhagic problems are emergencies, requiring rapid diagnosis and prompt management to stop bleeding. In some cases, such etc...
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