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Engibear's Dream

Andrew King: Benjamin Johnston

This engineer dreams of designs and starts building a Bearbot to help him at work. Early versions fail- often spectacularly. Howe etc...

Zabee Zabee Doo

Jim Baghdadi: Emma Stuart

While out playing a game of footy, Adam and Ryan stumble upon a world of dragons, giants, castles, princesses and ancient prophec etc...

Zoo in Me

Susan Pease: Olivia Pease

What do you get when two toddlers have a play date with animal costumes, blocks, crayons, paper and a ZOO. Not to mention a mess. etc...

The Pink Pirate

Michelle Worthington: Karen Mounsey-Smith

Georgia had spent her whole life at sea. As a baby, she would crawl around the deck with balloons tied to her nappy for when she etc...

All Aboard the Nutmobile!

Em Horsfield: Glen Singleton

Everyone is very excited when Nosh the Nutmobile arrives at Macadamia House, for never have they seen a Nutmobile before. Soon af etc...

Indigo solves the pzulze

Wendy Fitzgerald: Sophie Norsa

Indigo was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was five. Dyslexia is a condition in which the part of the brain responsible for proc etc...

The Secret Tunnel

Mitchell Stone: Nicki Jones

Lionfield Public School is hiding something. A secret tunnel that winds around underneath all of the classrooms, the playground a etc...


Julieann Wallace: Claire and Julieann Wallace

Darth has been captured and taken away from his family – perhaps forever. He enters the new world with a splash, but meets eye to etc...


Ljubo Oblikov: Rhonda Stewart

Follow the adventures of Kanga as he meets mythical creatures on a journey of self-discovery. A philosophical tale that will deli etc...

I Can See Faces

Susan Pease: Olivia Pease

Toby is a boy with a talent; he can see faces in almost everything. The problem is that nobody else can.This story travels throug etc...


Coralie Creevey: Emma Stuart

Tess chews all the usual puppy favourites: Dad’s slipper, socks...But what happens if she makes a grab for the unusual? The bad-f etc...

What's Wrong with Tess?

Coralie Creevey: Emma Stuart

Everyone is complaining about Tess the puppy. Her grubby paws, her tail, her nose and where her nose has been! What can fix these etc...

Alex Cottle Axolotl

Christine Moroney: Niki Oram

Meet Alex Cottle, the Axolotl. A little animal with a big story. Is he the dumbest, most boring pet in the world or is he one of etc...

Lessons of a Lac

Lynn Jenkins

Angry Mangry

Barton Williams

"Benjamin was always ANGRY MANGRY" Angry Mangry? What's that? Discover more about being Angry Mangry by joining Ben etc...
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