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Sherlock Holmes and the Morphine Gambit

Jason Cooke

It is February, 1912 and Sherlock Holmes is called out of retirement by brother Mycroft, acting on behalf of the British Governme etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Seven

Val. Andrews

A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery in which members of the Secret Seven Order are being threatened and killed. Holmes and Watson di etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Theatre of Death

Val. Andrews

On May 11th 1911 the Empire Theatre Edinburgh is the scene of a devastating fire and the Great Lafayette - an illusionist - and e etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Telephone Murder Mystery

John Hall

Dr Watson welcomes the arrival of the telephone at 221b Baker Street - it should, after all, do wonders for his social life. But etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Greyfriars School Mystery

Val. Andrews

Combining Sherlock Holmes and Billy Bunter, this story is set at Greyfriar's school where the senior master has lost his manu etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Man Who Lost Himself

Val. Andrews

Involving a series of cross-channel escapades during the early days of aviation, this adventure story follows the Sherlock Holmes etc...

Sherlock Holmes - A Duel With the Devil

Roger. Jaynes

Moriarty! He was, according to Sherlock Holmes, "the Napoleon of crime," - a matematical genius gone mad who was the th etc...

Sherlock Holmes: The Tandridge Hall Murder and Other Stories

Eddie Maguire

“Yes you see Mr. Holmes, I have been witness to a horrible and grisly murder …” And so begins an adventure that will take Sherloc etc...

The Torment of Sherlock Holmes

Val. Andrews

Holmes has fallen into a state of deep depression and Watson is distressed to find that there is absolutely nothing that he can d etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Abbey School Mystery

John Hall

A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery that commences when a young schoolmaster apparently commits suicide and his sister, suspecting f etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Sandringham House Mystery

Val. Andrews

A famous entertainer is invited by the King to give a command performance at Sandringham and tragically the brilliance of the per etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Adler Papers

John Hall

When Sherlock Holmes recovered a compromising photograph and saved the reputation of the King of Bohemia he thought the case was etc...

Sherlock Holmes and the Chinese Junk Affair

Val. Andrews

Three short stories each involving Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson and each taxing their powers of observation and detection to the etc...

Sherlock Holmes On the Western Front

Val. Andrews

A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery set in 1916 where Sherlock investigates a female spy. Holmes and Watson are parachuted into enem etc...

The Elementary Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Ian Alfred. Charnock

Ian Charnock introduces a young Sherlock Holmes trying to make his way as the world's first consulting detective with methods etc...
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