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My Rights

Veld Stories

Raoul van der Westhuizen

About Snowballs'Chances and Long Shots and Realists. Some of the events described in this book arose from highly improbable c etc...

Kinders van die duine

Fritz Eloff

The Kalahari dessert remains one of the mystrious places on earth. It's children now merely extinct and transformed by the mo etc...

The Spirit of Endurance

Dr. Paul van Dam

Endurance riding is not only the fastest growing equistrian discipline in the world, but also a way of life to many. Those who ha etc...

Short and long of Futures Markets

Dr. Mariette Geyser

Thsi book is a student's guide to understand futures markets. Ample case studies and references will help to make this a hand etc...

Breeding is a bitch

Dr. Kurt de Cramer

Although this book is primarily written for dog breeders it will also be of value to anyone who works with dogs on a daily basis, etc...
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