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50 Ways to Retell a Story

Alan Peat

50 Ways To Retell A Story: Cinderella does exactly what it says on the cover - retells the favourite fairytale Cinderella - in fi etc...

Writing Exciting Sentences Age 7 Plus

Alan Peat

Primary school resource which improves vocabulary.

Naples In Three Days

Fiorella Squillante

Travel guide/art history book

Teaching Outstanding Persuasive Writing (with 7-16 year olds)

Alan Peat

Primary/secondary school resource to develop the skills of persuasive writing.

Writing Exciting Ghost Stories Age 9 Plus

Alan Peat

Writing Exciting Ghost Stories: Age 9 Plus Ghost Story Plot Skeletons provides teachers with 25 vivid plot outlines, together wit etc...

The Elves And The Shoemaker 1897

John Harrold

John Harrold, who worked on the Rupert Annuals and the Daily Express' Rupert Bear strip for more than 30 years, was also give etc...

The Magic Stone

Alan Peat

Mike has been forced to join the school gang. Reluctantly, he goes with them as they set off in search of the Magic Stone - a lar etc...
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