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Mary Hollingsworth

A timely and dramatic account of the 1559 papal conclave, by the respected historian Mary Hollingsworth. “If you want to understa etc...

Atlantis and the Silver City

Peter Daughtrey

An exciting new theory for the real location of the lost city of Atlantis, based on a detailed analysis of 60 clues from Plato. T etc...

Why Was Queen Victoria Such a Prude?

David Haviland

A collection of amusing, myth-busting stories from history, the latest book in a long-running series from bestselling writer Davi etc...

The Dulang Washer

Paul Callan

A powerful historical novel set in the tin mines of 19th century Malaya. Currently fourth favourite for the prestigious IMPAC Lit etc...


Tom Pocock

Battle for Empire

Tom Pocock

Captain Marryat

Tom Pocock

Chelsea Reach

Tom Pocock

Fighting General

Tom Pocock

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