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You Can Be Richer Than Your Parents

Patricia Orlunwo. Ikiriko

You can rise above your beginnings! Maybe you have been held back in life because of a poor background, constant rejection, racis etc...

How to Get an Equity Research Analyst Job

Gillian Elcock

Get an Insider's Edge to Starting Your Career as an Equity Research Analyst Do you want to get a job in the asset management etc...

Catching the Chameleon

Lynn Allison

Catching the Chameleon is the story of how, every day, retailers fail to grasp opportunities for sales, because they misunderstan etc...

How to Eat an Elephant

Jo Parker

Have you ever wanted to tackle a task but just didn't know where to start? Have you ever wanted to achieve something but felt etc...

The Body Objective

Camilla Ellis

Camilla Ellis DC is a leading spokesperson on how people can achieve a healthier lifestyle. Her approach is refreshingly straight etc...

Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client

Bob Nicoll

Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client is the second book from Bob Nicoll, creator of the empowering word choice concept: Rememb etc...

Knowledge Centric Management

Hans van Heghe

Knowledge Centric Management - urgent recommendations and a practical and pragmatic framework to become a knowledge centric organ etc...

Inner View: Choosing Authenticity

Omisona Fasina

The shortest and the hardest journey to make is the inner one. We have many opportunities to do so, yet the only time that we usu etc...

Winning Client Trust

Chris Davies

Winning Client Trust - The Retail Distribution Review and the UK Financial Services industry's battle for its clients' he etc...


Paul Ribbons

When Paul Ribbons first got involved in property a guy called Greg Georgiou said to him that 95% of this business takes 2-5 years etc...

The Value House

Nick Baldock

The Value House - how to build a price resistant sales approach. How much more successful in Selling could you be with less price etc...

Leopard on a Razor Wire

Michael Callender

This is the story of an adventurer, Michael Callender, who is of Scots/Irish descent and who lived for 40 years in the Republic o etc...

Step It Up Or Get Out Of The Way

Lisa Peck

STEP IT UP OR GET OUT OF THE WAY - rapid business growth on your terms! Looking for strategies to have a competitive advantage in etc...

Light Your Firebrand

Mike Symes

Light Your Firebrand - re-igniting your business and your brand. If you believe that a brand extends to a place far beyond a logo etc...

In Search of Silence

Rohan Narse

In Search of Silence - Dropping the Baggage, discovering what's REAL. Birth, death and a 'dash' in the middle. That g etc...
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