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Missing Dad

J Ryan

Missing Dad – Wanted is the first in a new series featuring the gutsy Joe St Aubin, the teenage son of a secret agent who has dis etc...

Who Will Be Your Judge?

Edie Watney Judd

Who Will Be Your Judge is a historical mystery thriller that starts during WW2 and continues into 1960’s gangland London. Two sma etc...


Marie Anne Cope

Set in both the 17th century and the modern day, Bonds is a dark fantasy novel which tells the story of Becca Martin’s struggle t etc...

Is Your Mind Fertility-Friendly?

Jackie Brown

Fertility problems are one of the fastest growing areas of medicine, with failure to conceive causing immense pain and suffering etc...

The Mysteries of Ranipur

Krish Day

The small, dusty town of Ranipur, not distinguished for anything in particular, is shaken out of its somnolent pace by a series o etc...

The Seven Letters

Jan Harvey

When Claudette Bourvil is recruited to the French Resistance the last thing she expects is that she will be sent to work in the h etc...

The Husband Who Refused to Die

Andrea Darby

Her husband’s died, though he doesn’t see it that way… So what next for Carrie? No body. No coffin. No closure… Carrie's no o etc...

The French Riviera

Michael Nelson

The French Riviera: A History ranges from the Terra Amata in Nice, occupied from 380,000 years ago and one of the oldest inhabite etc...

Dancing Paws of Magic

Maria McArdle

“This children’s book is a delight! How can I get front row tickets?” – Francesca Watson, The Cat Deep in the countryside near Pl etc...

Miss Perfect

Bernard Hall

Looking back from Ireland, Miss Madge Perfect remembers the time when social work was her life – before Dan, her ambitious young etc...


Richard Thorn

Nevil Shute was a writer whose books were frequently looked down on by literary critics and yet when he died in 1960 he was one o etc...


Liam Klenk

Definition: Paralian – Ancient Greek meaning ‘one who lives by the sea’. Paralian is a memoir narrated through the author’s relat etc...

Childish Spirits

Rob Keeley

“The truth will set you free.” When Ellie and her family move into Inchwood Manor, Ellie quickly discovers strange things are hap etc...

White Church, Black Mountain

Thomas Paul Burgess

What links a traumatic childhood secret with the murder of a high-ranking police officer and two young men facing terrorist death etc...

The Early Morning Light

Edward Forde Hickey

“The life of this little evacuee couldn’t be more different from those other unlucky children his own age, who had been left behi etc...
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