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Ivana Šojat-Kuči

The novel Unterstadt tells the story of an urban family of German origin living in Osijek from the end of the nineteenth till the etc...

Life Without a Name

Vladimir Stojsavljević

Vladimir Stojsavljević's Život bez imena (Life Without a Name) is one of those novels bound to cause a commotion in the publi etc...

Ovdje neće biti čuda/There Would Not Be Any Miracles Here

Goran Ferčec

Waste land, void, the return to no-man's-land, disintegration and the departure from history represent only some of the large etc...

Ruski kompjuter/Russian computer

Semezdin Mehmedinović

Russian Computer (Ruski kompjuter), written by Semezdin Mehmedinović, a poet, is one of those books which grow on you from the fi etc...

Autoportret s torbom/Self-portrait With a Bag

Semezdin Mehmedinović

With each new book, Semezdin Mehmedinović creates a new space, eludes the usual judgements and moves away from acquired definitio etc...

April u Berlinu/April in Berlin

Daša Drndić

In her book April in Berlin (April u Berlinu), Daša Drndić uncompromisingly towards herself, towards her characters and readers, etc...


Daša Drndić

Lebensborn-children, deportations of Jews, concentration camps, questions surrounding Switzerland’s neutrality in the Second Worl etc...


Daša Drndić

Andreas Ban is a writer and a psychologist, an intellectual proper, full of empathy, but his world has been falling apart for yea etc...

Grad u zrcalu/City in the Mirror

Mirko Kovač

City in the mirror (Grad u zrcalu) is a majestic crescendo of Mirko Kovač’s former prose. A contemporary classic, it explores the etc...

Elita gora od rulje/The Elite Worse Than the Crowd

Mirko Kovač

Through some fifteen essays, in his new work The Elite Worse Than the Crowd (Elita gora od rulje), Mirko Kovač, one of the best k etc...

Ruganje s dušom/Mocking with Soul

Mirko Kovač

A strange family of newcomers arrives to a small town in Herzegovina. This time the setting in Trebinje, which, as it is often th etc...

Uvod u drugi život/The Introduction to Other Life

Mirko Kovač

Childhood memories, reminiscing parents, encounters with various famous, public persons, some of whom are mentioned by their name etc...


Mirko Kovač

One of the most controversial and most translated novels by Mirko Kovač written in 1971 follows Malvina Trifković's biography etc...

Elijahova stolica/Elijah’s Chair

Igor Štiks

In his second novel, Elijah’s Chair (Elijahova stolica), Igor Štiks writes on the unusual destiny of Richard Richter, an Austrian etc...
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