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    • Biography & True Stories

      Jokes can be eaten as meals

      by Luo Xiaogang

      Jokes can be eaten as a meal" is a classic work that Luo Xiaogang has condensed for many years of hard work and devoted himself to telling the sadness and joy of life, Chengdu's humanities and customs, and the feelings and reflections of daily life. The words are free and easy, ridiculous, amused, ridiculous, intelligent, commented, and confided. All the worldly encounters, all sentient beings are concise into a unique style of "Roche Humor" dedicated to the reader, which makes people laugh. Enthusiastic and enthusiasm, covering up the endless aftertaste.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      The Character of China

      by Lou Yulie

      The book is a master work of 50 years’ academic exploration. It is a popularization work which introduces the connotation and humanism of Chinese traditional culture. The professor from PekingU spent 50 years in philosophy studies exploring Chinese culture root from the ups and downs of centuries which made this book into 8 parts: including interpreting the relations of traditional cultural conceptions with the three major ideas’ (Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism) , with the artistic spirit, and with the Chinese medicine.

    • Business, Economics & Law

      Zhou Yi and the way of doing business

      by Zhang Liang

      Through the vivid records of the career and business affairs of the ancients in Zhouyi, this book expounds the spirit of self-improvement in the "Book of Changes", the sense of urgency in peace and danger, the entrepreneurial concept of the new and the new, the management art of the ancient house, and the state of the people. BenÕs people-centeredness, the political ideals of the countryÕs Xianning, these are the feelings that the old-time businessmen want to have, and the entrepreneurs of the new era should have

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