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    • 2019

      Teaching Well

      How Healthy, Empowered Teachers Lead to Thriving, Successful Classrooms

      by Lisa Bush

      How can teachers balance the needs of busy classrooms with the needs of their own health and well-being? This timely book suggests that teachers can reduce the amount of time they work outside the classroom and still be a motivated and engaged teacher. Promoting a healthy work–life balance for teachers, the book advocates that teachers put their own mental and emotional health needs first, and that this will naturally lead to more engaged, effective teaching.To learn more about this publisher, click here:

    • 2019

      Word by Word

      101 Ways to Inspire and Engage Students by Building Vocabulary, Improving Spelling, and Enriching Reading, Writing, and Learning

      by Larry Swartz

      This practical guide is designed to help students discover why words matter as they build vocabulary; gain confidence to spell new and difficult words; develop word recognition and process unfamiliar words when reading; increase understanding of words in the content areas; play with and celebrate words and language; and much more! Literacy guru Larry Swartz offers novel ways to to expand students' interest in and facility with words and word power—day by day, word by word.To learn more about this publisher, click here:

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