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Publishers of graphic novel series about a future rebellion in North America called USNA: The United States of North America.

Also a light hearted ghostly comedy entitled Caretakers.


USNA Publishing Inc. is based in Vancouver B.C., Canada. We publish a graphic novel series entitled USNA: The United States of North America. Presently comprised of three graphic novels, it tells the story of a time in the future when Canada and the US are now a new country called the United States of North America. Broken promises and deteriorating conditions have lead to a rebellion. USNA tells that story.

We also publish a light hearted,  graphic novel series called Caretakers:

Caretakers tells the story of how four teenagers, searching for their missing younger sister, find themselves in an old mansion haunted by three rather frustrated ghosts who are searching for a way to the next level of existence. Into the mix are two inept criminals named Miles and Davis. Caretakers is a lighthearted comedy. This will be a three book series with the second book to be published in August 2016. 

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