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All books are available in Quarkxpress or Adobe InDesign.

We also have Audio-Books with a title song, you can get the music with or without the lyric-track. 

Glückschuh Verlag

fiction, entertainment, children, nature, education, family, school, society, picturebook, photopicturebook, novel, shorts stories


English, German


We are a young publishing house frome Germany.

CEO Dorothea Flechsig worked for many years as a journalist for various newspapers and magazines. Meanwhile she has published several novels, mainly for children.  She has trained as a scriptwriter and teaches Creative Writing to adults and children.

Our Content     

  • Good fictional entertainment for children with a feeling for nature and a sense of discovery
  • A successful blend of entertainment and education  
  • Children are affectionately encouraged to deal with the topics of nature and the environment
  • Other key topics are family, school and society

Our success   

  • Licences appointed in 23 countries                        
  • All positive reviews in various media                   

Our Prizes:

Emys, Lesepeter, Buchtipp (Akademie für Kinderliteratur), GRANDIOS (Büchermagazin), "must read" (Stiftung Lesen, Ajum, ekz ...)

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We look forward to your interest in our publishing house.

CEO Dorothea Flechsig - Mobile +49 151-59213463 -
COD / Rights Manager Jost Pietzcker - Mobile +49 151 59225602 –
Damwildsteig 36-Germany -14612 Falkensee, Tel.: +49 3322 202785 -