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"Redefining what is possible for healing mind and spirit since 2003"

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L H Press was founded in 2003 with the mission of spreading knowledge about innovative and rapid therapies such as Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR).  Since then our mission has expanded beyond trauma recovery to include disabilities, addiction, personal growth by drawing upon master psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists with decades of hands-on experience,  

Modern History Press, our second largest imprint, provides a forum for expressing the struggle for identity in the context of the modern era.  MHP's World Voices series invites English-speaking writers from South Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Carribean to bring their unique stories to a North American audience.

Our smaller imprints provide important outlets for niche markets including:

  • Marvelous Spirit Press, focused on spiritual growth
  • Future Psychiatry Press, re-examining the role of the profession
  • RMR Disaster Mental Health Press, focusing on the unique needs of first-responders and rural disasters

Licensing Information

Although our writers primarily hail from USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, we are looking for increased exposure anywhere outside the USA.

All of our own titles are produced by native English speakers.

Previous foreign rights sales include publishers in South Korea and Italy.