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Finding My Way Books

Finding My Way Books is an independent publishing company from the United States. Our non-fiction children's books honor children with special needs or disabilities by sharing their stories. Books available in English and Spanish.

United States

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Finding My Books specialize in non-fiction children's books that feature a child with a disability. Through fun and bright photographs, our books our celebrate the gifts children living with special needs bring to our families and communities. 

We are targeting schools and libraries to promote the understanding of inclusion of children with special needs. We plan to have a 10 book picture series available in English and Spanish by the end of 2016.

We are interested in Spanish speaking territories (such as Spain, Central America and South America) as all our books are available in Spanish.  

We are of interest to India as we have a book about MyaGrace who was adopted from India. We are of interest to Russia as we have a book about OE (Olga Ellise) who was adopted from Russia.