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Ontopsicologia Editrice (F.O.I.L. srl) is a small italian publishing house established in 1988 and located close to Milan, that is autonomous and independent in every way. In 2012 it won the Aldo Manuzio Prize for the diffusion of European Culture and Books (4th Edition), section "Books and New Technologies". Over the years Ontopsicologia Editrice has published over fifty books (some of which are also available in eBook and audio book), mainly translated in English, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese but also in French, Spanish and German. These texts present the progress of Ontopsychology, which also boasts 16 international congresses.
The authors are various but the main articles and the basic texts are all by Ac. Prof. Antonio Meneghetti. At the moment the principal spheres of interest of this publishing house are: leader economics, business, politics, art, psychology, business psychology, pedagogy, ontological philosophy, nuclear physics, psychosomatics. The books by Ontopsicologia Editrice are for all scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers and workers in any field. The concept in these books is very important because the idea is to provide concrete and practical solutions in the most varied contexts and situations the person is placed in and needs to deal with (work environment, domestic, or the society in general), through the empowerment of itself in relation to, first of all, its responsibility, and consequently, its skills, its talent and its potentialities. Besides Italy, the texts are available and sold in many countries as China, France, Latvia, Germany and we are aiming now to introduce our texts also in other parts of Northern Europe, America and Australia, as United Kingdom, USA, Norway, Sweden, Canada, and also in Asia, as Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, in others parts of China itself and likewise in India. This science is currently taught in several state and private universities. For example, the St. Petersburg State University (Russian Federation) has an Ontopsychology Chair with a regular five year academic course, during which these texts are used. In Brazil and Mercosul, the Antonio
Meneghetti Faculty currently offers 4 degree courses – administration, law, computer science, Ontopsychology- and several post graduate courses which are based on the teachings of these books.