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MX Publishing is the world's largest Sherlock Holmes publishers with over 100 authors and 200 books. We've licensed to Italy, India, Japan, China, Russia, Poland, and Spain so far for Sherlock novels and short stories.

Our #1 bestselling series is a set of performance biographies for Benedict Cumberbatch which have sold worldwide. The third book - Benedict Cumberbatch: London and Hollywood will be released in the UK in November and we're looking for licensing partners around the world. With access to millions of Sherlock fans, we are able to drive volume for our Sherlock partners. Here's a quote from Itay's largest publishers about working with us;

"As editor of our Sherlock collection, "Il Giallo Mondadori Sherlock" partnering with MX Publishing as a Sherlock specialist has been very productive. I work with Luigi Pachì ("Sherlock Magazine Italy" editor) who selects and proposes the novels and writes articles about each for Holmes' World. Already we have selected over a dozen MX novels for the collection which have sold very well and we're looking forward to having many more."

Franco Forte
Editor Mondadori