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Cruise Ship Tourism

Ross Dowling, Ross Dowling, Clare Weeden, Clare Weeden, Michael Clancy, Ross A Klein, William Terry, Xavier Font, Mireia Guix Navarrete, Maria Jesús Bonilla, Michael Lück, Jill Poulston, Michael Vogel, Adam Weaver, Alexis Papathanassis, Philip Gibson, Maree Thyne, James Henry, Jo-Anne M Lester, Júlio Mendes, Manuela Guerreiro, Bingjie Liu, Lori Pennington-Gray, Peter Tarlow, Arja Lemmetyinen, Gabriella Polizzi, Antonino Mario Oliveri, Sheree-Ann Adams, James Petrick, Suiwen Zou, Kam Hung, Claire Lambert, Ross Dowling, Nigel Jarvis, Clare Weeden, Ioannis Pantelidis, Abel Duarte Alonso, Nevil Alexander, Eloise Botelho, Carla Fraga, Rodrigo Vilani, Michael Shone, Jude Wilson, David G Simmons, Emma J Stewart, Joseph M Cheer, Gaetano Sabato, C Michael Hall, Hannah Wood, Sandra Wilson, Claire Ellis, Pascal Scherrer, Kaye Walker, Daniela Liggett, Emad Monshi, Noel Scott, Marianna Sigala, Véronique Mondou, Benjamin Taunay, Iris Mao

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Completely updated and revised, Cruise Ship Tourism, 2nd Edition covers the economic, social and environmental impacts of cruisin etc...

Silent Screams

Lori Henry

Lori Henry

Countless young women around the world feel badly about their bodies and wish they were thinner. Millions of them develop eating etc...

Dancing Through History

Lori Henry

Lori Henry

In Dancing Through History, Henry crosses Canada's vast physical and ethnic terrain to uncover how its various cultures have etc...
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