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Visitor Management in Tourism Destinations

Julia N Albrecht, Noel Scott, Eric Laws, Mohammad Alazaizeh, Justyna Bakiewicz, Paul Barron, Jannes Bayer, Abhishek Bhati, Robert Burns, Maria João Carneiro, Marília Durão, Astrid Fehringer, Warwick Frost, Jeffrey Hallo, Azizul Hassan, Najmeh Hassanli, Florian Jurgeit, I-Ling Kuo, Jennifer Laing, Anna Leask, Joohyun Lee, Günther Lehar, Theresa Leitner, Jasmine Moreira, Gianna Moscardo, Douglas G Pearce, Philip Pearce, Tijana Rakic, Haywantee Ramkissoon, Paul Taylor, Brijesh Thapa

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Visitor management may be considered as a component of destination management at all levels of a destination. It involves a wide etc...

Which Is Worse?

Lee Taylor

Scholastic Inc.

Step in a cowpie or have a bird poop on your head? Abducted by aliens or attacked by zombies? Eat brains or eyeballs? Answering t etc...
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