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    • Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)


      by Cristina Romero & Francis Marín

      The Red Book for Girls was born to acompany and empower girls on their way to maturity but it is also a book for mothers and for all women, because it helps us heal hurts of our childhood. An illustrated book whose words and images seem to whisper to our psyche (emotion - mind - spirit) that it is good for us to listen to and love ourselves. Nature dwells within our bodies, and if we open ourselves up to listen to it, it gives us its power: te power to act always in our own interest, the power to know our changing needs and to follow them. The greatest treasure of feminine nature is its ability to appreciate and value that everything changes (inside and outside of you) and that this is perfect.

    • Shhh

      by Magnhild Winsnes

      Everything that is suddenly a secret. This summer Hanna realises that she is lagging behind in just about everything: hobbies, friends, her body, boys, EVERYTHING. Through various experiences, encounters and discoveries Winsnes portrays the transition from child to teenager with a great deal of humour and seriousness. Winsnes´ illustrations follow the lense of a camera – she has the unique ability of telling a story with images. Beautiful, humourous and sensitive story about secrets. Shhh is a graphic novel for YA readers that stays with you Winner of the Critics' Prize for Best Children's and YA Book 2017

    • February 2019

      Mystery Club (Mr. Wolf's Class #2)

      by Aron Nels Steinke

      Mr. Wolf's students are settling into their new classroom, and Randy, Aziza, and Margot realize they have some questions:1. What happened to Aziza's favorite Frisbee?2. Is the girls' bathroom really haunted?3. Where is Mr. Greens, the teacher who disappeared? To answer these questions, the three friends start a mystery club! What could be more fun? Meanwhile, Abdi is wondering what happens to the balls that are accidentally kicked over the fence during recess, and thinks he'll be a hero if he can find his best friend's football.Mysteries abound at Hazelwood Elementary!

    • The Arts
      October 2018

      Glimpses of Gardens in Eastern China

      by TUNG Jun, TUNG Ming (translator)

      The architect Chuin Tung introduced the classic beauty of Chinese gardens to the world through this book The interest of garden appreciation: profound interpretation of the spirit and connotation of Chinese gardens The method of gardening: comprehensive analysis of the details and techniques of garden construction (including architectural and planning, ornament and furniture, rockery, planting) The history of gardens: detailing the difference between garden history and Eastern and Western gardens 建筑学界一代宗师童寯向世界介绍中国园林之美的经典著作 赏园之趣:深刻解读中国园林的精神与内涵 造园之法:全面分析园林营造的细节与技法(建筑与布局,装修与家具,叠石,植物配置) 园林之史:细述园林历史及东西方园林的区别

    • Fiction
      April 2019

      The Deceptive Flowers of Glory

      by Eppu Nuotio

      The charming garden crime series continues. The trip to Berlin takes an unexpected turn when Ellen Springends up behind the scenes of a sensational movie. Ellen Spring is enjoying the gardens in Berlin while she is house-sitting for her son’s family. A Finnish movie director, Johannes Svärd, is also in Berlin, posing on the red carpet alongside his ex-wife who is an actress in his movie. Ellen has to agree with everyone: ‘The Deceptive Flowers of Glory’ is the most beautiful love story she has ever seen. Until something terrible happens, revealing the dark side of love. The Deceptive Flowers of Glory continues the addictive cosy crime series where Ellen Spring, a youthful pensioner and a passionate gardener, solves crimes in a Miss Marple-like style.

    • 2019

      Capitalism and the Alternatives

      by Julius H. Grey

      Thirty years after its global triumph, neo-liberalism is an abject failure. While its advocates have succeeded in convincing citizens that no other way is possible, they have not fulfilled their promises of a better world and the result has been more inequality. In Capitalism and the Alternatives, Julius Grey seeks to rehabilitate economic equality as a fundamental social goal built on universal values such as individualism, liberty, and even romanticism.To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit.ly/2K2LUuO

    • Vegetarian cookery
      September 2018


      A comprehensive practical reference to vegan food and eating, with advice on ingredients, nutrition and over 140 deliciously healthy recipes

      by Tony and Yvonne Bishop-Weston

      The vegan revolution is here to stay and now it is easier than ever to ditch animal-based foods and embrace a natural, healthier and more environmentally-friendly way of life. This updated new edition of a great classic book outlines the latest advice on key nutrients and, along with favourite vegan mainstays, offers new exciting recipes to prove that being vegan does not mean excluding comfort food, sweet treats, or wickedly savoury delights. The 140 recipes range from Granola Breakfast Bars and Vegetable Seaweed Dahl to Roasted Squash and Mushroom Ramen, and Apple Chia Puddings - there has never been a better, and easier, time to go vegan! CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK IN DIGITAL FORM

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