• Picture books, activity books & early learning material

      A Bear Called Mur

      by Kaisa Happonen, Anne Vasko

      “Up above there were little stars, big stars, dim ones and bright. They all fit into the same sky.” MUR is a little story with a big message about being perfect jus

    • Children's & YA

      Mur And The Blueberry

      by Kaisa Happonen, Anne Vasko

      The new adventure of the little bear who found her way in A Bear Called Mur Mur and BIG are on a path thr

    • Children's & YA
      March 2019

      Mur and the Star

      by Anne Vasko, Kaisa Happonen:

      Mur and the Star completes the charming, beautiful Mur Trilogy In Mur and the Star BIG and Mur admire the starry sky with their friends in the woods. Big thoughts and questions arise. But Owl, Fox and even the wind all keep te

    • Fiction

      The Red Marsh

      by Marko Hautala

      A new, terrifying novel from Finland’s Stephen King! This much is true: on the west coast of Finland lies a marsh, and in the marsh there is a freshwater spring. Hundreds of human bones have turned

    • Fiction
      September 2017

      Ten Little Trekkers

      Se ken tulee viimeiseksi

      by Jari Järvelä

      And Then There Were None meets The Hunger Games Ten Finns meet for the first time around a campfire on mountainous Corsica. Their task: complete Europe’s most challenging hiking route, the

    • Fiction
      August 2017

      The Mephisto Touch

      Mefiston kosketus

      by Max Seeck

      A dark, tightly-plotted psychological thriller with a storyline that will appeal to fans of Dan Brown’s conspiracies and the ruthlessness of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series Previously ass

    • Fiction
      August 2017



      by Heikki Valkama

      Rei Shimura meets Masterchef in this debut thriller set in Tokyo When Riku Mäki, a Finnish celebrity chef, is invited to a cooking contest in Japan, he is concerned that he will be outperform

    • Fiction
      August 2017

      The End of Innocence

      Viattomuuden loppu

      by Leena Lehtolainen

      A female detective police procedural, The End of Innocence is also a study of young men’s fragile sexuality. Perfect for fans of Lynda La Plante’s DCI Jane Tennison series. When a newly-re

    • Fiction
      August 2017

      The Amazing Life and Times of Coco Kafka

      Coco Kafkan ihmeellinen elämä

      by Sissi Katz

      An assured, sweeping debut about life, love and science written in language like postmodern fireworks. With echoes of Diana Gabaldon and H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine, it’s a must-read for David Mitchell

    • Children's & YA

      The Little Mouse Series

      Pikku Hiiri

      by Riikka Jäntti

      Sweet and timeless Beatrix Potter-style stories about a toddler who knows his own mind! Book 4: Little Mouse Goes Out in the Woods: Little Mouse and Mommy Mouse take the train to t

    • Children's & YA

      Beta. Sensored Reality 1.

      by Anders Vacklin, Aki Parhamaa

      The YA adventure set in a futuristic world where only video games offer an escape from rising sea levels In 2117, gaming is a way of life and flood-ridden Helsinki the biggest hub

    • Fiction
      March 2018

      The Bystander


      by Saara Turunen

      A witty and honest artist's novel about a year in the life of a debut author When the narrator of the novel receives hot-off-the-press copies of her debut novel, she feels that everything h

    • Fiction
      April 2018

      (Never) Going Back

      En palaa takaisin koskaan, luulen

      by Satu Vasantola

      A poignant novel about forced exile and immeasurable longing Susanna’s path from a rural working-class home to one of Helsinki’s most prestigious law firms has been longer than the

    • Fiction



      by Ari Räty

      A taut thriller propelled by the deadly bonds between the lawless and the law A Mercedes explodes on an expressway. The passenger—a member of a powerful Latvian criminal cartel—escapes by t

    • Fiction

      The Angels of Hammurabi

      Hammurabin enkelit

      by Max Seeck

      Jo Nesbø meets Apocalypse Now in the Balkans: an action-packed page-turner about revenge, war, international crime – and love When an employee of the Finnish

    • Fiction
      August 2018

      The Call of Hades

      Haadeksen kutsu

      by Max Seeck

      The final, breath-taking instalment in the Daniel Kuisma series by Finland’s newest thriller star, featuring a fight between good and evil with a strong female lead Four executed men are found in a Zagreb apartment. The place is owned b

    • Fiction

      So Long, Boys

      Hyvästi pojat

      by Essi Kummu

      A strikingly candid portrait of a woman whose life is thrown into turmoil As the school summer holidays kick into gear, the atmospherein

    • Fiction

      What September Saw

      Syyskuun viimeinen

      by Ari Räty

      This spring’s most gripping debut! A stunningly intensive psychological thriller about the end of childhood and a crime that knows no statute of limitations… September, Komo

    • International institutions
      February 2016

      International Organizations in World Politics

      by Gutner, Tamar (Tammi) L.

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