• Fiction
      January 2016

      Jews of Alexandria

      A Novel that combines between fact and fiction to create exquisite artistic legend

      by Moustafa Nasr

      It does not chronicling to the Jews of Alexandria, as much as creating an exquisite artistic legend. The novel is divided into three time phases revolve in Alexandria … first phase begins at the end of the year 1862, where the Governor Said Pasha was ill

    • Fiction
      January 2018

      Once Upon a Time in Berlin

      by Hisham Kheshen

      A priceless Stradivarius survives and re-emerges after the Second World War. Unlike the Stradivarius strings that run in parallel, the lives of the unique violin's owners are intertwined and entangled. Covering many deca

    • Humour
      January 2018

      City of infinite walls

      short stories

      by Tareq Imam

      Tareq Imam’s “City of infinite walls” takes us back to the glory of the fairy tale the roots of Arabic tales go back to medieval times. They were orally disseminated for centuries everywhere in the world and inspired countless works in every literature kn

    • Fiction
      January 2016

      One Ticket to Cairo

      by Achraf El Achmawi

      This novel focuses on the problem of one of the minority groups in Egypt who are the Nubians, one of the oldest civilizations in the world who lived alongside the Nile River between Egypt and Sudan. Through the hero of this novel “Aguiba”, who is a Nubian

    • Fiction
      January 2013

      After Coffee

      Sheikh Zayed Literature  Award 2014

      by Abdel Rasheed Mahmoudi

      “Al- Mahmoudi” is the only Egyptian that won one of Sheikh Zayed Book Awards for 2014, that include 8 categories, for which tens of writers across the Arab world compete.The novel addresses the social texture, the topographic nature, and the anthropologic

    • Fiction
      January 2016

      Three Ladies in Cairo

      by Ann Edelstam

      Three Ladies in Cairo takes the reader through an original and very personal story of three generations of Swedish women through which the evolution and the transformation of Egypt during three vital decades is apparent. The bookunfolds through three inte

    • January 2015

      Al Azbakia 

      Winner of Katara Prize For Arabic Novel 2016

      by Nasr Iraq

      In Al-Azbakia, Nasser Iraq endeavors to draw on the past, specifically the time when Muhammad Ali Pasha ruled Egypt, in an attempt to make sense of the present. His purpose is to shed light on some of today’s details that many fail to recognize as nothing

    • January 2008

      Chanting of A Swan

      Arabic Booker Shortlist & State Incentive Award

      by Mekawi Saeed

      The best description of “Taghreeda El-Bagaa (Chanting of A Swan)” novel for the writer Mekawi Saeed is that it is an award-winning novel; as the it won the State Incentive Award and reached the short list of the “Arab Booker” 20

    • January 2014

      The Barman

      Best Novel Cairo Book Fair Award 2014

      by Achraf El Achmawi

      The events of “The Barman” novel took place in September 2005, when President Hosni Mubarak declared his candidacy for the presidential elections. Afterwards, he became the first elected president, as it was announced then. The novel moots the ideas of ​​

    • January 2011

      Wings of the Butterfly

      by Mohamed Salmawy

      The novel relates the story of a number of characters seemingly unconnected to one another, who are all seeking self-realization, each in his own way. The country is in turmoil. Demonstrations erupt here and there and roads are blocked by anti-riot police

    • January 2018

      Al Fabrika 

      by Ahmed El Malwany

      The novel takes place during the French Campaign in Egypt (1798- 1801) and the present time. It revolves around one of the young soldiers in Napoleon Bonaparte’s army known by Simon Rinar who lived in a small village in Egypt for more than ten years. Then

    • January 2017

      The Prescription No. 7 

      by Ahmed Magdy Hammam

      Melegy the hero of the novel is undertaking an exciting adventure to a fictional island called “Caboria”. To reach his destination, he travels from the very North to the South. He passes by imaginary kingdoms and meets unique creatures that aren’t on eart

    • September 2014


      Winner of the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel 2015

      by Ibrahim Abdel Meguid

      He is surprised by the many musical pieces. After a long wait, he reaches the piano. Did he take his time, or did he surrender to the music? He arrives at the piano and sits in front of it, but he does nothing. He is playing Franz Liszt-Hungarian Rhapsody

    • Fiction
      January 2018

      The Lady of Zamalek

      by Achraf El Achmawi

      This novel takes place in Zamalek, a famous district in Cairo .It’s an island in the heart of Cairo connected to the River banks which has witnessed many phases of growth and is well known till now as a very refined district. The novel starts with a real

    • May 2017

      Writing for Earth Scientists

      52 Lessons in Academic Publishing

      by Stephen K. Donovan

      The time has come. You are an Earth scientist. You’ve spent weeks, months, years working on this project – now is the time to pull it together for publication. You might be writing an undergraduate or graduate thesis, a research paper for a leading

    • June 2011

      The New Gold Standard

      Rediscovering the Power of Gold to Protect and Grow Wealth

      by Paul Nathan, Donald Luskin

      The guide to returning to a gold standard All that glitters is gold and gold has never glittered so much as it has in the last decade, reaching staggering new prices in recent years. The definitive modern argument to returning to a gold s

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