• Business & management

      Inamori Philosophy for the Young Generation

      The formula for an affluent society and an enriched life

      by Iwao Taka

      Kazuo Inamori’s thoughts and achievements surpass just one man’sexperience. It is actually a social philosophy that could transform theentire society for the better and the goal of this book is to deliver hismessage. When social philosophies such as liber

    • The Arts

      MUJI Design

      by Nikkei Design

      Launched in 1980 as a private label of a Japanese department store,MUJI today is now followed in 25 countries around the world for itsunassuming products that exude simple charm. This book addressesthe MUJI success story from the angles of product, commun

    • The Arts

      Divine Blades : The Swords of Japan

      by Natsuo Hattori, Tomohiro Nakamori

      Renowned the world over for the fine quality of its blade, theJapanese sword is a work of art that also serves as sacred treasurein certain Shinto religious rites. This book invites readers toexplore the rarefied world of Japanese swords through a richsel

    • Self-help & personal development
      March 2013

      The Dos and Don'ts for Young Busines People

      by Noboru Koyama

      This book is a must-read for all new and young employees as well as their mentors. The younger generation today tends to be fearful of making mistakes and look for "the right answer" whenever they encounter a problem or a trouble. The author, based on his

    • Self-help & personal development
      May 2016

      Communicating Without Fighting

      by Hiromi Yamasaki

      “It’s a waste of time to feel distressed about relationships with others,“ says the author of this book who is a charismatic communication coaching expert. If you have people in your workplace with whom you don’t get along with very well or if your boss u

    • Self-help & personal development
      September 2016

      Thinking Skills of 10 Years at a Company in Just 3 Hours

      by Kotatsu Saito

      From the basics of logical thinking to the latest buzzwords, this book covers the essential base knowledge in thinking tasks, in such terms as Hypothesis & Analysis, Risk & Return, Statistics & Psychology and more. It is a handbook for businesspeople who

    • Industrial / commercial art & design
      November 2015

      The Secret of Why We Shop at IKEA

      by Nikkei Design

      What is it that enables IKEA to attract so many enthusiastic fans around the world? This book unveils the secrets of IKEA's global popularity from the design point of view. Did you know that a program called the "home visit" is carried out not only by the

    • The Arts
      October 2014

      Design Thinking in the Street Corners

      by Akiko Takehara

      Not sure what design thinking is or how it should be applied to find solutions from the design point of view? In this book, the author introduces the great design that she has come across in the ordinary street corners of cities such as Tokyo, Paris and T

    • Architecture
      May 2017

      Shigeru Ban

      From the Japanese Architect Series

      by Nikkei Architecture

      This book is a complete guide on Japan's renowned architect, Shigeru Ban who is the recipient of the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize. It introduces not only his works around the world (including the most recent Seine Musicale in Paris), but also his life

    • The Arts

      Design Research Methods 10

      by Nikkei Design

      You will find the source of the idea of “Design Thinking” here. This book covers 10 world’s leading design consulting firms, e.g. IDEO, the pioneer of “Design Thinking” and TANGERINE, which produced famous designers such as Jonathan Ive of Apple, Inc. and

    • Architecture
      September 2016

      Where Architecture Is Designed

      by Nikkei Architecture, Hideaki Emura, Yuiko Sugawara

      If you are a fan of great architectural works, you are probably familiar with names such as Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Foster + Partners, OMA NY Office, Hopkins Architects, MVRDV and Gensler, all of which are world's top

    • Children's & YA
      May 2016

      Scratch Programming for School Kids

      by Daisuke Kuramoto, Kazuhiro Abe

      This book is aimed at enabling children of age 6 and above to use the Scratch programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. By learning the basics of Scratch programming, children will acquire the skills of thinking creatively, reasoning systematic

    • Children's & YA
      July 2015

      Logical Thinking Skills

      Learn the Basic Art of Thinking from Elementary School

      by Akashi Yamazaki

      This book will begin from learning "logical thinking" as a way of gaining thinking skills. Through "thought training", children can learn with their parents how to think reasonably, communicate in an easy-to-understand way, and convince others. This book

    • March 2016

      55 Brain Tests to Improve Your Problem Solving Capabilities

      by Sony Global Education

      Thinking power is an important keyword in today's education and human resources development. The concept however is somewhat vague and it is difficult to evaluate one's thinking power in a quantitative manner. This book contains 55 brainteasers and puzzle

    • Family & health
      June 2017

      The Ultimate Stretch

      by Kakuko Nakamura

      Just 3 minutes of simple stretching workout every day will help you maintain more youthful and beautiful body, while releasing you from discomfort such as stiff shoulders and body aches. The author of this book is an orthopedic surgeon and sports doctor,

    • Family & health
      June 2016

      I Protect My Own Body

      by Saori Kurozumi, Setsuko Sada, Nikkei Health

      This book is a 'textbook' to learn and understand the relation of female hormones and women’s lives. Why should you read it? Because this important knowledge is rarely taught at schools nor by parents. Yet these are the must knowledge for women to live pl

    • Family & health
      June 2008

      Pelvic Maintenance 2

      by Nobuko Watanabe

      Did you know that pelvic distortion can be the cause of many of women's health-related concerns such as gaining weight, bow legs, sensitivity to cold, constipation and menstrual pain? The author who is a charismatic midwife will teach you why pelvic disto

    • Business & management

      The TOYOTA Story

      by Tsuneyoshi Noji

      The author of this book spent 7 years conducting interviews and gathering information to unveil the strength of Toyota. His story starts from the founding of the company up to now highlighting the people who have worked in the frontline to support its gro

    • Business, Economics & Law
      November 2017

      Startup Science

      by Masayuki Tadokoro

      Masayuki Tadokoro, the author of this book, is an entrepreneur and venture business investor. Based on his experience in Japan and in the US, he has come up with the concept of "starting a company scientifically". In essence, this book covers in a chronol

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure

      Love Letters to CATS

      by Mitsuaki Iwago

      This book is a collection of cat photographs shot by Mitsuaki Iwago, a Japanese wildlife photographer whose works have twice become covers of the National Geographic magazine. Iwago is also known to be a profound cat lover and this book is filled with his

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