• Vegetarian cookery

      The Findhorn Book of Vegetarian Recipes

      by Kay Lynne Sherman

      Since 1962 the Findhorn Community in the North of Scotland has created healthy and creative vegetarian food for its members and guests. The life within the food we eat nourishes more than just our bodies and the vitality we recieve is a measure of the lov

    • National & regional cuisine

      Classic Vegetarian Cookery

      by Arto Der Haroutunian

    • October 2013

      The American Diabetes Association Vegetarian Cookbook

      Satisfying, Bold, and Flavorful Recipes from the Garden

      by Steven Petusevsky

      Motivated by his recent diagnosis of prediabetes, chef Steven Petusevsky has created a cookbook aimed at those who are new to vegetarianism and who want to lose weight and get their diabetes under control. The easy-to-follow American Diabetes Asso

    • General cookery & recipes
      September 2017

      Bavarian and Vegetarian

      by Birgit Fazis

      Hearty, Bavarian and vegetarian – in this book, true love meets good traditional Bavarian fare with a meatless shopping list! Birgit Fazis, a food blogger and author from Bavaria’s beautiful Ammersee lake region, vividly shows how our favourite dishes fro

    • Food & Drink
      September 2017

      Plant-Powered Cooking

      52 Inspired Ideas for Growing and Cooking Yummy Good Food

      by Alice Mary Alvrez, Elise Marie Collins

      Your healthy habits plant-based diet Healthy habits: Cooking for a plant-based diet is the single biggest trend in the culinary world and for very good reasons, too: improved health bette

    • Health & Personal Development
      September 2015

      52 Simple Ways To Be Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free

      Easy Tips and Recipes for Being Meat Free Every Week of the Year

      by Terri Paajanen

      Level up your Veggie life with 52 Simple Ways to reduce your footprint, eat organics, and maintain an animal-friendly lifestyle. As you progress through each of the five levels, you'll find tips for great recipes, shopping and cooking techniques for every

    • Food & Drink
      September 2017

      Vegans Save the World

      Plant-based Recipes and Inspired Ideas for Every Week of the Year

      by Alice Alvarez,

      Clean Eating LifestylePlant based diet and nutrition: Millions of people have turned to a plant-based diet for the sake of both themselves and the planet. Now, tens of thousands of people have put down their k

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      April 2018

      Masala Mamas

      Recipes and stories from Indian women changing their communities through food and love

      by Elana Sztokman

      In the Kalwa slum in Mumbai, India, where harsh conditions make it difficult for some children to study, an amazing group of women is working to make sure that kids go to school. Meet the Masala Mamas, 16 women who live in the Kalwa slum who are dedicatin

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      January 2017

      Savour Jiangnan

      Hangzhou Vegerarian Food

      by Liu Xiaoming, Zheng Yongbiao

      Hangzhou vegetarian food is an important part of Hangzhou cuisine. His book introduces Hangzhou vegerarian food from the following aspects: vegetarian positioning and the characterstics of Hangzhou vegetarian food, history of Hangzhou vegetarian food, veg

    • December 2009

      Living Vegetarian For Dummies

      by Suzanne Havala Hobbs

      Practical ways to explore and adapt a vegetarian lifestyle Are you considering a vegetarian diet for yourself or your family? Wondering if it's safe and how you'll get the right amount of nutrients? This authoritative guide has all the answers y

    • June 2011

      Student's Vegetarian Cookbook For Dummies

      by Connie Sarros

      The easy way to eat vegetarian on campus Vegetarianism is growing rapidly, and young adults?including college students?are leading the charge as more and more of them discover the many benefits to adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. However, there

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