• November 2015

      The Gentling Workbook for Teen and Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

      by William E. Krill (Author)

      Gentling is a therapeutic approach to people who have experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as children and have acquired Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result. Gentling has redefined PTSD in child abuse survivors by identif

    • Children's & YA
      January 2010

      Tuesdays, at Four Thirty pm

      by Eshkar Erblich-Brifman

      “My name is Ellie and I’m fourteen and a few months old. Once a week I go to a psychologist. My mother says he is one of the best. My father does not really ca

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      Archie of Outlandish

      The Man Who Lives Under Umbrellas

      by Kraft, Lynnette/Author, Kraft, Abigail/Illustrator, Kraft, Jared/Composer

      For the teen who's cotemplating the future and panicking, Archie offers an escape into the laid-back beach town of Outlandish, California. Archie's phobia of looking up into open spaces leads a narrative about the anxieties

    • July 2004

      Teen Dating Violence

      The Invisible Peril

      by Susan M. Sanders

      Invisible – because it does not command the attention of the media as do school shootings, gang warfare, or date rape – the violence that teenage women experience while dating includes emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Using survey and interview data

    • Travel & Transport
      January 2007

      Preventing Teen Motor Crashes

      Contributions from the Behavioral and Social Sciences: Workshop Report

      by Program for a Workshop on Contributions from the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Reducing and Preventing Teen Motor Crashes, National Research Council

      From a public health perspective, motor vehicle crashes are among the most serious problems facing teenagers. Even after more than six months of being licensed to drive alone, teens are two to three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than are the mo

    • Social issues & processes
      March 2010

      Teen Issues ColorCards

      by ColorCards

      36 cards and worksheets to open up discussion on the key issues facing young people today Growing up in today's world presents young people with a complex range of diverse situations, attitudes and experiences. The versitile cards in this pack have been

    • Age groups: adolescents

      Pre-teen and Teenage Pregnancy

      A Twenty-first Century Reality

      by June L. Leishman

      Childhood and teenage pregnancy continues to pose significant social and health concerns within the UK and beyond. It is an issue that has implications for individuals across a range of professions and disciplines. This book is written for nurs

    • Mysteries & the supernatural (Children's/YA)
      October 2010

      Teen Angels

      52 Angel Inspirational Cards

      by Diana Cooper; Norbert Pautner (illustrations)

      Being a teenager is not always a bed of roses...These beautifully illustrated cards in Manga Style represent 52 different angelic qualities that can be used for guidance, inspiration and affirmation in a young person's life. The cards

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories
      November 2017


      by Darcy Pattison

      THE BLUE PLANETS WORLD SERIES Earth finally receives a message from space: “You only live on land. Allow us to live in the seas.” Rison will soon implode. They desperately need a new blue planet, a water planet. But Earth is crowded. Will humans be able to open their hearts to an alien race? Jake Rose joins the courageous crew of the Eagle 10 as they streak across the galaxy to Rison, the other blue planet. Their goal is to find the umjaadi starfish, the host of an organism that is deadly to the Phoke, the water people of Earth. The mission is foolhardy because Rison will soon implode—the catastrophe is mere days away—from a science-gone-wrong scenario. Forced to enter the Risonian society at its darkest hour, the team struggles against local politics and race against time to find the starfish. Utz Seehafer, the son and heir-apparent, of the southern Bo-See coalition is assigned to help the Earthlings’ search. He battles his own demons of a lost brother, a grieving father, and the urgency of escaping a dying planet. Will he be able to save his beloved Derry, and their pet project, the great white shark named Godzilla? Pilgrims is the exciting conclusion of an epic science fiction trilogy that pits Risonians and Earthlings against inevitable implosion of a planet. In a rush against time, they must deal with the politics of desperate men and the tricks of a dying planet. Will they find the cure and escape in time?

    • Practical interests (Children's/YA)

      Do You Have Your Own Teen Style? | Children's Fashion Books

      by Baby Professor

      This book is specially made for the toddlers out there who can't seem to wait to grow up. Accept the reality and show your support by presenting another edition of fashion book where you get to ask “Do you have your own teen style?” Yours definitely do. G

    • Children's & YA
      March 2018

      The Healthy Teen Cookbook

      Around the World In 80 Fantastic Recipes

      by Remmi Smith

      #1 Amazon New Release! ─ Easy Healthy Recipes CookbookA Chopped kid chef and entrepreneur is on a mission to bring healthy food options and easy-to-cook scrumptious recipes to a busy and heavily scheduled generation of teens.Healthy cooking for kids: Remmi Smith is a 16-year-old chef, who hosts two cooking shows and serves as a national Student Ambassador for a leading food services company, has written a cookbook encouraging children to take up healthy cooking as a new pastime. She also has appeared on Chopped, The Harry Connick Show, and the Food Network.Easy healthy recipes: Chef Remmi Smith's creation is not your typical children’s cookbook: It’s written “for kids by a kid,” explains the author, and is filled with tried-and-true recipes with budding cooks in mind, using limited ingredients and steps. Remmi is the national Student Ambassador for Sodexo, a global leader in food services and facilities management which provides education solutions to nearly 500 school districts.Healthy eating habits and teen health: Through the colorful, easy-to-read, 220-page book, Remmi sets out to inspire children to adopt healthy eating habits by introducing them to the glorious pastime of cooking. The book takes the reader on a culinary journey across the seven continents, highlighting a country and its top food items in each one. Each section features a map, a full menu (from appetizer to dessert), fun facts, brain teasers, personal tips and a place to record notes about the recipe – making it a geography lesson, a cooking journal and a social studies class all in one.Healthy cooking cookbook designed for kids: What’s most evident is Remmi’s passion for cooking and what’s most appealing is her genuine writing style and ability to relate to other children. In the section about Lebanon, Remmi includes a recipe for Rice Pilaf and comments: “This dish is heavenly. It has both rice and pasta in it – two of my favorites.” Remmi’s recipes include a lot of vegetables and she uses fruits to add natural sweetness while going light on spices to make the dishes more appealing to children.Cooking healthy recipes and having fun too: “I want to inspire teens to get in the kitchen and have some fun, cook healthy and enjoy life and the love of food,” Remmi said. “You can explore the world through food. Writing this book was a really big adventure for me and I hope it will be an adventure for everyone else.”

    • Children's & YA
      September 2016

      The High School Survival Guide

      Your Roadmap to Studying, Socializing & Succeeding

      by Jessica Holsman

      How to Study! ─ Do you want to develop great study skills, learn how to study smarter, and reach your full potential as a student? How to study: “We are always told to study for exams and assignments but I can't remember a time when I wa

    • Biography & True Stories
      July 2017

      The Book of Awesome Women

      Boundary Breakers, Freedom Fighters, Sheroes and Female Firsts

      by Becca Anderson, ,

      #1 New Release on Amazon! ─ Super women. Who are some of the most awesome women in history?"The Book of Awesome Women shares stories and triumphs that are not often mentioned in mainstream history and is something you absolute

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      March 2015


      Find your voice; rock your world and pass it on!

      by Jane Kenyon

      This is a call from the heart to implore women everywhere to recognise what they need to do to step up and shine, in order to be the real role models our young girls need right now. The girl teen crisis we find ourselves in is well documented with self ha

    • Diaries, letters & journals
      August 2014

      Burn After Writing Teen

      by Rhiannon Shove

      Burn After Writing - The Teen Edition This book will be a unique picture of you as you are right now, as you never will be again. A personal journal encompassing a collection of gently probing questions, mind games, thought experiments and homework assign

    • Children's & YA
      April 2016

      Saven Disclosure

      The Saven Series #2

      by Siobhan Davis (Author) Kelly Hartigan (Editor)

      THE TRUTH WON'T HIDE FOREVER To protect Logan, I have no choice but to deceive him. But I’m not the only one hiding the truth. Will our love survive all the secrets and lies? Enemy

    • Education
      August 2016

      Teaching the Whole Teen

      by Poliner, Rachel A.

    • Fiction
      January 2017

      Finding Kyler

      The Kennedy Boys Book One

      by Siobhan Davis

      Two fractured hearts and a forbidden love they can’t deny.You shouldn’t want what you can’t have…Faye Donovan has lost everything. After her parent’s tragic death, she&rsq

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