• Teaching skills & techniques

      Visible Learning for Teachers

      Maximizing Impact On Learning

      by John Hattie

      In November 2008, John Hattie's ground-breaking book Visible Learning synthesised the results of more thanfifteen years research involving millions of students and represented the biggest ever collection of evidence-based research into what actually works

    • Education

      Changes in Teachers' Moral Role

      From Passive Observers to Moral and Democratic Leaders

      by Alt, D.

      Education for democratic citizenship encompasses cognitive as well as moral characteristics. The responsibility for cultivating these democratic virtues is placed upon the shoulders of educators who are required to create and encourage democratic social l

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      NLP for Teachers

      How to Be a Highly Effective Teacher

      by Richard. Churches

      NLP for Teachers covers a wide range of practical tools that will enhance your interpersonal effectiveness and classroom delivery. Find out how both your language and your internal processing affects the behaviour of others around you; Learn some amazing

    • Teaching skills & techniques

      NLP for Teachers Resource Book

      by Roger. Terry

      The NLP Toolkit is packed with easy to use tools, activities and techniques. Organised in an accessible way and grounded in teacher experience and practice, it provides a comprehensive toolkit that uses NLP techniques to improve all aspects of learning an

    • Teaching skills & techniques

      Inspirational Teachers, Inspirational Learners

      by Will Ryan

      What is it that Inspirational teachers do differently? In short, they plan for their pupils to be inspirational. Many teachers who join the teaching profession do so because they were taught by inadequate teachers and they feel they can provide a far bett

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      Understanding and Developing Science Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge 

      by Loughran, J.

      There has been a growing interest in the notion of a scholarship of teaching. Such scholarship is displayed through a teacher’s grasp of, and response to, the relationships between knowledge of content, teaching and learning in ways that attest to practic

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      Teachers Learning in Communities

      International Perspectives 

      by Zellermayer, M.  

      Teachers Learning in Communities is about teacher educators by those brave enough to make their professional learning public. The authors reveal the complexities of their participation in school/university partnerships and their relationships with teacher

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      Teachers' Professional Development

      Aims, Modules, Evaluation

      by Achtenhagen, F.

      Within the central topics of the debate on teachers’ professionalism are the problems of research-based and evidence-based initial and lifelong teacher behavior. Although the statements on professional similarities of teacher actions with those of other (

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      Effective Mathematics Teaching from Teachers' Perspectives

      National and Cross-National Studies

      by Cai, J.

      What is effective mathematics teaching? This book represents the first purposeful cross-cultural collection of studies to answer this question from teachers’ perspectives. It focuses particularly on how teachers view effective teaching of mathematics. Tea

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      Moral Courage and the Normative Professionalism of Teachers

      by Klaassen, C.

      In the past two decades there has been a growing concern in politics and schools to pay more attention to norms and values. Teachers and schools are confronted with normative problems, school violence and students who sometimes seem to have lost their way

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      Educating Music Teachers for the 21st Century

      by Aróstegui, J. L.

      Educating Music Teachers for the 21st Century discusses a range of teacher education programmes in music across Europe and Latin America reflecting about the shifting conditions, causes and factors in which pre-service teachers construct their musical and

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      Professional Development for Primary Teachers in Science and Technology

      The Dutch VTB-Pro Project in an International Perspective

      by De Vries, M. J.  

      This book presents the research output of the Dutch project VTB-Pro, an internationally-oriented project that aimed at providing primary school teachers with the knowledge, abilities and attitudes that are necessary to implement science and technology edu

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      Hidden Dimensions in the Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers

      In-Service Education for and With Teachers

      by Roesken, B.

      Professional development is often determined by black and white thinking. Either issues are considered as being good or bad, or statements like teachers should or teachers must are transported. However, it is easily forgotten from which perspective the ju

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      Professional Learning in a School-Based Community of Science Teachers

      by Melville, W.

      The ubiquitous science department occupies an unusual position in most secondary schools. Traditionally, they have been part of the organisational structure of schools, with administrative responsibilities over room allocations, teaching assignments and t

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      Social Justice Education for Teachers

      Paulo Freire and the Possible Dream

      by Torres, C. A.

      Social Justice Education for Teachers: Paulo Freire and the Possible Dream is a book that will help teachers in their commitment to and praxis of an education for social justice. The book traces the reception of Freire’s ideas in the USA, Canada, Latin Am

    • Teachers' classroom resources & material

      Interactive Skills for Teachers

      by Dave Stott

    • 2003

      Stories From Abergelli Street: The Teachers' Book

      by Jan Baynham

      A scholarly study of the tales of the saints and heroes of Eastern Montgomeryshire between the sixth and sixteenth centuries, with accessible English translations of Medieval Welsh poetry, by a distinguished academic and author of several publications

    • Education
      July 2013

      Teachers' Guides, Fairy Tales Ages 5-7

      by Lois Johnson

      This book is part of a series designed to help you create your own stories, this teachers guide contains background information on the genre, detailed lesson plans and a planning sheet for cross-curricular activities.

    • Education
      July 2013

      Teachers' Guides, Fantasy Ages 5-7

      by Lois Johnson

      This book is part of a series designed to help you create stories using illustrated cards, this teachers guide includes background information on the genre, detailed lesson plans and planning sheets for cross-curricular activities.

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