• Fiction

      Mission: Tango

      by Charlie Wolfe

      An atom bomb is waiting to explode in the very heart of London… Le Docteur is a professor who fed up with the ways of the Western world, and decides to establish a terrorist network to outperform ISIS and fight the enemies of Islam. The talented professor plants fear across Europe through several murderous attacks, leaving an entire continent paralyzed. In order to carry out his diabolic master plan, Le Docteur has recruited an Eastern German nuclear physicist to help him build an atom bomb that will shake the world and change the course of history forever. David Avivi, a senior officer in the Israeli Mossad, is leading the chase after the bloodthirsty terrorist band, aiming to capture its leader and prevent the impending catastrophe. As Europe faces nuclear disaster and the fate of hundreds of millions of people rests on his shoulders, David knows that any failure on his part will bring the whole world to an atrocious holy war.

    • Biography: historical, political & military
      January 2014

      The Diplomat of Kashgar: A Very Special Agent

      The Life of Sir George Macartney, 18 January 1867 - 19 May 1945

      by James McCarthy (Author)

      The subject of this biography, Sir George Macartney, was of mixed Scottish-Chinese parentage. Based in remote Kashgar on the famous Silk Road, he was caught up in the great 19th and early 20th century power-struggle between Britain, China and Russia ov

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