• Mission: Tango

      by Charlie Wolfe

      This is blood-chilling tale of international nuclear terror thatmoves from peaceful Scandinavia to Vienna and onto a clandestine laboratory in the Middle East. Charlie Wolfe is the pen name of a renowned nuclear scientist who workedon the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission. He is the author of 9 books and hundreds of papers in his field.

    • Biography: historical, political & military
      January 2014

      The Diplomat of Kashgar: A Very Special Agent

      The Life of Sir George Macartney, 18 January 1867 - 19 May 1945

      by James McCarthy (Author)

      The subject of this biography, Sir George Macartney, was of mixed Scottish-Chinese parentage. Based in remote Kashgar on the famous Silk Road, he was caught up in the great 19th and early 20th century power-struggle between Britain, China and Russia ov

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