• Social issues & processes
      February 2016

      Common Space

      The City as Commons

      by Stavros Stavrides 

      Space is both a product and a prerequisite of social relations, it has the potential to block and encourage certain forms of encounter. In Common Space, activist and architect Stavros Stavrides calls for us to conceive of space-as-commons; to firstly t

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      December 2016


      Image Making and the Search for a Commons in the United States, 1682–1865

      by Mark Luccarelli

      In The Eclipse of Urbanism and the Greening of Public Space: Image Making and the Search for a Commons in the United States, 1682–1865, Mark Luccarelli pushes past unproductive mind/body debates by rooti

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      June 2011

      The Space, the Stories and Shanghai Jews ---- Hongkew Getto: Then and Now

      by Zhang Yanhua

      Precious photos depicting Hongkew Getto in the past and the present. Vivid personal accounts from the Jewish refugees. Event documentation. Commentary from experts and famed scholars such as Mr. Jackie Eldan, Consul General of Israel in Shanghai. Inter

    • The Arts
      June 2018

      Tomb – Memory – Space

      Concepts of Representation in Premodern Christian and Islamic Art

      by Francine Giese, Anna Pawlak, Markus Thome

      From an intercultural perspective, this book focuses on aesthetic strategies and forms of representation in premodern Christian and Islamic sepulchral art. Seeing the tomb as an interface for eschatological, political, and artistic debate, the contribu

    • Management of land & natural resources
      April 2014

      Breathing Space

      The Natural and Unnatural History of Air

      by Mark Everard

      In this book Mark Everard argues that governments and citizens too often take the air we breathe for granted. Air and the wider atmosphere are vital in protecting us from radiation, maintaining climate and weather patterns, dispersing water, seeds and pol

    • Poetry

      The Space Between Stars

      by Matt McBride (author)

      “There is a sadness to McBride’s poetry that only a deep thinker can recreate, someone who has been inside the beautiful dark hollows of disappointment. It is encouraging to read the powerfully rendered thoughts of a vulnerable mind in a cynical time—h

    • Folklore, myths & legends

      Shared Space

      by James Griffith

    • School editions of fiction texts

      Space Pirates

      by David Orme

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)

      Space Plague

      by David Orme

    • Teaching of a specific subject

      How to Be Brilliant at Shape and Space

      by Beryl Webber

      How to be Brilliant at Shape and Space contains 40 reproducible worksheets designed to improve Key Stage 2 (KS2) pupils' understanding of shape, their understanding of position and movement and their understanding of measure. Pupils will learn about a

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      Space Wreck

      by Jonny Zucker

    • Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers

      The Space Between

      Literary Epiphany in the Work of Annie Dillard

      by Sandra Johnson (author)

      Annie Dillard, a foremost practitioner of the literary epiphany, has become a representative of a necromantic movement that combines the ecological interest of wilderness literature with the aesthetics of a highly stylized literature. This first full-

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care

      Birth Space, Safe Place

      Emotional Well-being Through Pregnancy and Birth

      by Adela Stockton

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      The Space Between Things

      by Charlie. Hill

    • 2012

      Spiders From Space

      by Stan Cullimore

      The Ignite series of reading books, are for children and young adults aged 10 to 14 and over who are struggling to read. Each book has been carefully written for those with a reading age of approximately 6 to 6.5, but are packed full of adventure and b

    • 2011

      Deep Space Dinosaur (Alien Detective Agency)

      by Roger Hurn & Jane A C West    

      The Alien Detective Agency series of reading books, featuring Jack Swift and Wanda Darkstar, are for children and young adults aged 8 to 14 and over who are struggling to read. Each book has been carefully written for those with a reading age of approx

    • Space Rescue

      by Graham White

      Set in a new millennium, Space Rescue is a game with a mission. Graham White’s incredible cross-sections transport you to a new world where you must surmount one obstacle after another as you attempt to rescue two astronauts stranded on a d

    • Science & technology: general interest (Children's/YA)

      Cyber Space - Virtual Reality and the World Wide Web

      by David Jefferis

      The Megatech series covers the world of cutting-edge science and technology. The books present the historical and developmental background, but the emphasis is on the present and near-future, with a positive view of the dynamics and excitement of

    • Children's & YA

      ISS International Space Station

      by David Jefferis

      ISS is an in-depth look at the International Space Station. A project supported by 16 countries, the ISS was inaugurated in 1998 with the launch of the Russian-built control module Zarya. The finished station, a vast orbiting laboratory, will be

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